What are some ways that I can exercise without interfering with my life? I wake up at 6:30 and have 7 hours of school. When I get home I have homework and that all takes up a lot of my time. I generally don’t get that much homework though but I do go to bed early between 8pm to 8:30pm.

Beatriz F.
You can try quick things like waking up and jumping for 5 min, or do some push ups. The important is to so something, even if it's small

Svenja O.
Some exercise you can do are home workouts for example, I use the app homeworkouts and it’s really good so I would recommend it to you because it doesn’t take that much time

Yana I.
Exercise right after school. You can do something short like jogging or stretching at home. Spend around an hour and then you'll have enough time to write your homework and go to bed early

Kaylyn Y.
When you wake up, you can plan your day to see when there is a available time you can start exercising, but it’s usually better to do this before playing. Because when you are having fun, you might want to skip exercising. A good way on feeling fresh when you are exercising is to take a shower before so you can feel more calm.

Ben N.
For me, I have a similar schedule. I get up at about 6:15 AM and work for 8 hours an hour from home. That's ten hours gone immediately, but as part of my day at work I go between scrap buildings within an hour of each other so my best tactic to get exercise in is to walk between those points instead of driving. A 2 to 3 minute drive becomes a ten minute walk, so it does take a little more time but I'm able to get in several miles of walking a day just by making that small change.