What exercise is best if you’re just starting out?

Lauri N.
I find walking is really good for me just if I’m starting out. I have a bad back and I need a walker to walk so I just start with fire 10 minutes a day walking down my hallway or in my neighborhood. If I start with Viber 10 minutes I might end up with 15 or 20 minutes. And I always bring my music with me to keep me motivated and engaged. It’s more fun that way!!!
Byron I.
I am a beginner and I've been focusing on stretching, running in place, and jumping jacks. I'll add more exercises as I progress.
Rebecca T.
I'd start out with a short or long walk, typically I do 5k . If walking isn't your thing, then swimming is a great Full body exercise working core, arms and legs. An easy breaststroke is the best to start with and then onto front crawl to work your arms
Mohammed S.
I struggled to get back on workouts for a long time, had an injury in my leg, so for now I do basic workouts at home and planning to start walking outside soon
Roberta U.
Don't go too far, stay at your comfort level for now. Maybe start off with a bit of jogging or moving your arms in a few directions.
Hilda O.
Best exercise for what? The best cardio you can do is jump rope, the best chest exercise you can do is bench press, the answer changes depending on your goals. If you’re just trying to be active, however, start small. Go on a walk 3 times a week and see if you can do more.
Davy Z.
Depends if you go to the gym or work out at home without any weights. If you work out in the gym I would advice starting with the core exercises which are: benching, squatting, deadlifting, pull-ups, and shoulder exercises. These exercises require some form so you’ll need someone to show you the first times you do them. If you train at home you can do squats, push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, running, … you can also just look it up on YouTube. Good luck! :))
Neha X.
If you are just starting out then I would suggest you start with some stretching. Stretch your hands and legs once you wake up. Also you can do some hip rotations or jumping jax. Arm rotations can also be helpful.
Valdemar C.
10-15 mins a day maybe doing at home workouts or just going on walks to get use to moving about and trying out running even just for 20 mins outside 😊
Solana J.
Just stretching when u wake up and maybe some light work so u won't give up immediately, you can set goals each week and make it better that way. Check out the fabulous fitness circle or follow a YouTube workout!
Evangelos F.
I personally think that High knees is the best exercise for beginners. It is just like running but higher. But it is just my point of view.
Giulia O.
I am not a very athletic person so I usually do light exercises. For example, in the morning I do 15-20 jumping jacks, some squats and crunch and some stretching. Hope this helped. Have a great day!
Carl J.
I have found over and over that, out of all the exercise I do, stretching out light yoga feels the most rejuvenating. I don't know if it's a 'placebo effect' but I swear it releases endorphins! My muscles feel long and lean, and my body feels loose- all of the tension from the previous day is gone. It also noticably lifts my mood and calms my mind every single time. When I finish, today is a clean fresh slate.
Tara Q.
Start literally with the simplest you can do. You can stretch after you woke up or you can do 5 pushups. Make it simple. When this is a habit, you can make it more difficult if you want.
Arron B.
An exercise that suits your fitness level. A exercise that u feel comfortable on doing and knowing that you'll get better.
Ray Q.
Oatmeal /i use 3 spoons of oatmeal and Three-quarters of a glass of water in a bowl and I put it in the microwave for three minutes /you can use nuts and fruits too🤍🌱
Wyatt J.
Yoga or something that work in your body muscles will i prefer everything you gave me it's just that it will be best if it's not pretty hard for the beginning and that's it
Ronny F.
Anything you enjoy, if you like outside, then spend outside moving , whatever it is you like doing outside, a walk/run/gardening,etc. push a bit outside of your comfort level, longer or harder or both
Edith P.
Walking. Walking gives me time to reflect on my accomplishments with Fabulous. I have become more positive, more healthy, more productive.
Abssil O P.
I think that getting moving is the best first step. If you wanted to jump straight in and do light workouts like a quick 10 minutes ab workout every other day, that’s great, but if you really want to build a consistent habit, I’d recommend trying to walk more everyday. Whether it’s just taking a 15 minute walk outside or taking the stairs more, it’s a great way to get moving. Then you can work your way up to more intense things!
Vicki P.
Walking is the best. You can put on your favorite music or podcast or just enjoy the sounds of nature. It’s easy on the body and you can build up to longer distances, walking faster, or maybe eventually jogging/running. It can be as small as a lap around the block or just a lap around your work during lunch or before you clock in.
Mack N.
If you’re just starting out I would recommend two options: 1) yoga and stretching. When I say yoga I don’t mean crazy professional headstands, I literally mean breathing and laying on your back and stretching your legs. Learn to feel your body.

2) walking/jogging/biking/skating or something else you can do outside that is mobile. Trick yourself into fresh air, and the natural terrain gives you a good starting challenge even if you think it’s easy.

Bella N.
A short walk, if its a super sunny day it will lift your spirits and motivate you. Especially if you have a dog you could walk with!
Steven Y.
Anything that is remptley challenging for you. If it's just standing up of the couch and taking 5 stepts then that is your starting excersise.
Hernandez T.
If you're just starting out better look for a simple and easy workout. Don't push over your self and don't stress out. For the first timer better look for easy and simple exercises.
Malsha R.
People mostly exercise to lose weight and maintain a slim body. But I don't go on diet's or do any other body maintaining things. Still I'm really thin. But still I know doing exercise is good for your body. So I do the 7 minutes workout from Fabolous. It's really active and I start to sweat very quickly. My whole body moves and all the parts get some exercising. While doing the workout listening to some workout music (I prefer to listen to BTS songs) is amazing.
Oscar P.
I’m doing some simple yoga or dance workout on YouTube. It’s short, I don’t need equipment, it gets me energised and I feel super proud for doing it. Do something tot enjoy, that doesn’t feel like a task.
Shannah G.
Because I am starting out myself I would have to go with jumping Jacks, because they work out your full body and it's easy to do.
Clyde E.
Something low impact like walking or step ups. These will help strengthen the muscles stabilising your ankles and knees and help you not get hurt!
Whisper V.
If you're just starting out, the habit isn't there yet, so something you enjoy and can still make it through the rest of your day after. Maybe do a silly dance to your favorite music, or go for a stroll somewhere pretty? Play with the furry/ young ones in your family, or get lost in a podcast or audio book while doing some deep cleaning? As long as it's not too strenuous and some part of it makes you happy, that's enough to start. The rest can come as you build strength and consistency, for now just keep yourself mostly on the wagon however you can.
Corissa G.
I think simple strength exercises are best to start with or something fun! Just moving your body in a way that feels good
Marsha Z.
For getting back into fitness my go to is dancing because I am having fun and getting in shape and feel better entirely.
Josh J.
If you have one available, an exercise bike is a good start. Without equipment it's good to start with push ups, sit ups etc
Avronil F.
Walking in the morning around calm natural environment. If you have a bicycle and you can ride , you can start by cycling . Or if you can swim , you can start by swimming. At first, you have to build a habit. To build a habit of daily exercise, you must choose a easy form of exercise that you are comfortable with . So, walking , cycling, swimming or any other type of exercise that is easy and you feel fun to do , you can start by doing that .
Ayush X.
I think you can just begin with walking, especially in morning, you know taking fresh air, relaxing your whole body, preparing your mind for that day.
Just 1min walk is also enough if doing this first time, then you can gradually increase your minutes.
Be careful your mind would tell you to help increase your efforts, try some running or spiriting in just 2-3 days. This thought definitely backfire if you will to do this.
Humans are very impatience animal, so gradually increase your excercise routine.
Shayla W.
Something that isn’t to hard and will make you feel like you will never get to your goal. I would say to start with stretch’s and then move onto like jumping jacks or something.
Abby Z.
There are a lot of beginner workouts out there so I would suggest trying out a bunch of them and finding out what type you like. Personally, I’ve really been enjoying doing dance workouts as they’re really fun, are fairly easy, and definitely get your heart pumping. If you’re solely looking to get stronger, I doubt they’ll do a whole lot for you, but they definitely burn calories.
Mathis T.
Movement and walking. Instead of driving down the road for the morning coffee, walk down the street instead. Attach your habit of exercise to the reward of coffee and saving on fuel and the environment. Use it as a building block to attach other habits.
Kyleigh N.
Walking, dancing whatever gets you to move and to keep doing it. Some like yoga, some like kickboxing there is all kinds of stuff out there do what works for you
Dylan E.
I’d say going for a walk is the best exercise if you’re just starting. Because it is very easy to do and actually has positive effects both to your body and mind.
Flavie S.
Try it all! We’re all different, just like excersise. There’s so many forms of fitness, some I’ve tried and hated, other I’ve fallen in love with. Countless other’s I haven’t even attempted! You should do a lot of varied workouts, from cardio, to HIIT, to strength training. And don’t forget flexibility! You want those looong stretches to calm, heal, and improve your body’s function. Every excersise goes hand in hand, so I can’t recommend just one. Sample as many as you possibly can and then make an informed descision (because there IS actual science behind body type, metabolism, and health background blah blah blah that comes along with fitness). Because forcing yourself to do an excersise you absolutely hate isn’t good for mental health, which is just as important as physical. That doesn’t mean toss all the other excersises in the wast basket, simply don’t perform them as frequently as your top choices. That always worked for me at least. Personally, I prefer lap swim and boxing. But I still try to get in a healthy dose of resistance band and weight workouts. Nobody’s journey to excersise will be identical. Here’s a silly little rhyme my mom used to tell me whenever I got discouraged about exercising and failure. “Start small, yet do it all. Do your best, but remember to rest. Keep it up, keep being tough”
Cheesy, I know. But it’s stuck with me. Personal and observed experiences have shown me that listening to on singular person or group’s advice on what excersise to do it the wronv move. Excersise is personal Don’t rush it. But I’m proud of you for getting out there for the gains, random citizen! Keep it up and keep it positive!
Sara P.
Shorter ones that alternates between all muscle groups so no one group gets too tired.
Start 1 min then 2 min and build up to 30 mins
Arson Z.
Stretching. I used to do 5 min stretch right after waking up and it helped me build the habbit of exercise in the morning
Carolyn O.
The best exercise for those just starting is to exercise on your way to work. Walking or taking the bicycle the whole or some of the way.
Wilfriede X.
Respect the application and really do what it tells you to do. Respect the time to execute the activity. It has helped me a lot trying to go to bed early in order to have a better sleep.
Michelle S.
Just starting out- things like squats, lunges crunches “easy push ups” doing them on your knees helps you learn the form and still exercise at the same time. Also I would suggest to not start with weights- otherwise it will feel overwhelming unless you really enjoy working out. I would suggest to start with easier variations of exercises before moving onto them with weights- which is what I did and it was very helpfulll 🙂
Last of all put some head banging music on- MOTIVATIONNNN
Sid N.
I would say stretch! Stretching is the first thing you want to do in the morning! It warms up your joints and muscles before anything strenuous. So I would say lots of yoga. Sit-ups, push-ups are also great if you’re just starting out!
Foad R.
I'll start with a short run and some push ups and sit ups as well as squats. That be for your whole body. And it won't take a long time. Just 10 to 15 minutes would be enough
Angie E.
I usually workout no longer than 5 minutes. I use the FitOn app (Free and paid premium). I usually do a stretch, meditation, or full body flow as my exercise.
Caitlyn Z.
I'd say Joining a 30 day challange, for example I use the 7 min exercise app which allows you to increase your workouts over 30 days and get started
Louise O.
I would recommend a good running program, for example couch-to-5k. It will help you make a healthy start and let you feel how your body simply feels better and fresher as you get going. At the same time, following a program ensures that you take care of joints and muscles, not overdoing it early on. Good luck – you can do it!
Josue P.
Id say bodyweight exercises since they’re easy to do and all you need is you’re body and some space. Exercises like knee push-ups, bodyweight squats, crunches, and bodyweight lunges are a good place to start, id also recommend walking since its easy and if you want to shed the extra pounds Id start of with 5000 steps and then work your way up. Its up to you if you want to walk everyday. And thats it! Hope this helps😁
Azarine N.
Yoga. Yoga stretches the whole body, warming it up for more strenuous exercises. At the same time, Yoga also helps burn calories.
Ann G.
Walking outdoors is the best exercise if you’re just starting out (and even if you’re not). It’s free, doesn’t require any special clothes or equipment, and best of all communing with nature will soothe your soul. 🌸☀️🌲🐿
Thalamita P.
For me it is a simple stretching after waking up. It is only takes 10-15 minutes long but make a giant impact for maintaining mood and keep the grind turning through out the day
Lori T.
Even just walking is great, but sometimes I don't feel like leaving home in the mornings, so I look for exercise routines on Youtube. I've found 5 minute yoga, and there's plenty to pick and choose from.
Milo Y.
I would suggest any type of body weight based workout.
For example, when you wake up, sit up slowly in bed, allowing your body to a curl up in the morning. Then swing out, and do a very simple squat out of bed, this allows me to get my brain moving, even by doing two very very simple and not many exercises. Then stretch go have breakfast and go in with the rest of today. Does that make sense?
Hemangi P.
Stretching would be good if you're just starting out, after a week or so you can start adding one or two other exercises to it every alternate or three days and you've got a good exercise routine ready.
Darryl U.
It’s good if we start of with a 20 min yoga and do some exercises like :
-jumping jacks
-sky hops
-knee pushups
-trench out a bit

This would surely make you energetic and feel good through out the day

Kristina T.
I think squats are nice and easy, but you can also do things like lunges and planks. These three exercises are all pretty easy when you are just starting out and even when you do get more into working out they are still useful.
Keith O.
In terms of calisthenics, push exercizes such as push ups, pike push ups and hindu pushups are good to start off with, since you need no equipment to do these exercises, however if you are starting woth equipment such as dumbbells, then things like bicep curls, hammer curls, squats, lunges and many more are very good to use howver it depends on the body part you are training.
Jane I.
If your just starting I would say in the morning if you have somewhere important to be put two minutes on your phone and stretch or do jumping jacks and perhaps later go on a nature walk
Or maybe just put a timer for one minute and breathe
Ariadna Z.
If you are starting to workout just do what you want, if you feel like going for a run, or do 30 min leg workout, go to the gym, etc… just do it, you just need to start.
Bertram Y.
For me you should start out small and work your way up, I really love running and I used to start out by running 4 minutes then taking a one minute break. I increased the running time by a minute everyday and sometimes even increased it by extra if I was feeling like it. Now I can run for an hour straight
Lila N.
Planking is the easiest exercise to start with because it’s stationary, there are multiple types with varying difficulties, and you can slowly increase planking time as you increase strength.
Augustin C.
I actually really like using the stretches that they have on here to get warmed up and walking is a great way to start exercising without feeling like your doing too much. At home you can do just very few workouts at a time like start with only doing sit ups and wall sits then slowly start adding other routines. It doesn’t seem so overwhelming when you start like that
Vickie G.
Walking or running (interval to build stamina). Also short sessions like those on the fabulous app are good to do each morning. They don’t take a lot of time and starts your day positively.
Alexis I.
Playing a game with a friend ,like-badminton or else which includes physical engagement. It makes you feel energetic and happy. And you will be more likely to do regular exercises. You'll think it as if fun.
Daisy F.
Some leisurely hogs are great but also try and do some stretches to keep your flexibility up, I have an Apple Watch so I use that to keep track of what exercise I’ve done for the day and what I need to complete. I sometimes browse on social media and look at some basic workouts, focusing on certain parts of your muscles first, then becoming broader. Hope this helps, good luck!!
Shruthi Y.
I think it’s best to start with traditional exercises like squats for bodyweight and jumping jacks for cardio combining them with dynamic stretches like cat cow or deep static stretches like child’s pose and forward fold. Skipping just 5 minutes a day is also a great start, but if you don’t wanna jump around too much then those traditional workouts and stretches will help you loosen up the muscles and improve your body’s resistance and stamina.
Anjali O.
Well, there is always going on a walk around the neighborhood. But. You can also do some stretching, lift weights of any, well, weight, and do squats, jumping jacks, etc. I like to stretch and sometimes walk or jog. Hope this helps!
Meredith Q.
Whichever one gets you to work out. Aka, requires the least start up energy or push to get going. Just find something YOU actually enjoy doing.
Anna S.
I started implementing stretching and yoga into my morning routine. I also found walking the extra mile from a farther parking spot helped start my day on a energetic note
Olyvia Z.
I like to start with a yoga flow! It gets my muscles warmed up for the day, but I don’t dread doing it first thing in the morning like I do with a heavier workout.
Theresa E.
I think right now either the 1 minute routine is a good start, but I think walking for a few minutes makes a good substitute as well. Maybe I could check the mail in the mornings by walking to the post office.
Rafael F.
A morning walk in your neighborhood or some streches are good way to start. Start small, very small 🙂 search for easy streches for your neck, shoulders, arms, legs. Do 15s each one, and it's enough for a good start. Then you can increase the duration as time goes by.
Sorry any mistakes, and best wishes in your journey!
Mariam C.
Stretches and low-impact cardio such as walking, cycling, or swimming are a great place to start. Runner's Knee is no joke and can take weeks to recover from…so start off gentle!
Lexi C.
If you’re just starting out (like me) I would suggest going for morning walks, or if you work out at home you could do a 8-minute workout suggested by fabulous☺️
Edvino P.
Something simple that is enjoyable. Don't start by doing a marathon run. Start with a short walk or 10 push-ups and try to do that everyday for 5 days. Then have a rest day (or 2) and then start again but add a little more. Try for 15 push-ups or walk a little further.
Shrinjini F.
So when I was starting out I asked my uncle( fitness trainer) to make a workout sheet for me but I realised that didn’t work. There’s no particular exercise I would recommend but try to think of a goal you want to achieve by exercise and find targeted exercises for those. Because otherwise if you start off with something you don’t want to do you’ll lose the motivation to continue it.
Gabby G.
Stretching is a good low intensity form of excercise for a beginner, as well as finding simple guided yoga sessions and beginner workouts online, or simply just going for a walk!
Kenneth R.
I looked up chair exercises because I'm handicapped aka physically challenged. I'm doing what I can to get 10 minutes in how about you?
Pauline N.
The best exercises when you are starting out are walking and yoga. Walking and yoga are both low risk mindful practices to start your day and fitness routine.
Jackson M.
Curls and squats are good simple exercises shoulder presses leg ups for abs and just Running and the stair mill are really the only cardio you need
Dora Q.
Curl ups help your core with a lot more exercises that involves core strength and harder stuff so I recommend doing curl ups if your new to working out 🙂
Ashante W.
Honestly start simple all exercises especially if your just starting are going to be hard even jumping jacks. So start with something you and your body can handle. If it’s jumping jacks start with that and then when your body becomes accustomed to it add a news exercise. And move forward from there but always make sure to listen to your body. If it says STOP make sure to STOP.
Grace P.
Small walks are brilliant, helping wake you up for the day or go to sleep. Yoga is also great, helping your agility and strength. I recommend trying your own style before you move to YouTube tutorials or yoga clubs.
Courtney N.
A core workout is always easy and feels good the next day. So variations of crunch’s work wonders for all experience levels
Maryam Z.
If you mean workout then full body stretch is a good starting point since it deals with muscles and makes them ready for more more intense exercises in near future.
Margita R.
Definitely yoga! People underestimate it as a work out, but it can be anything from a relaxing stretch to something that gets your breathing heavy & your body sweating, *hard*. I would look into beginners yoga videos & go from there. You can build a lot of strength and it’s great for both the body & mind. This isn’t a sponsor or anything, but I would highly recommend checking out Yoga with Adriene on YouTube, she’s absolutely amazing.
Emilie B.
Idk I just got my thing and I don't know what to do and also I got my birthday on Saturday and I didn't said it to anyone but I'm excited about that.
Suzanne P.
A walk is what works for me. I have bad knees so I'm limited in what exercises I can do. If the weather is miserable I walk around my house or have an impromptu dance party while doing the dishes or other household chores.
C Lio C.
I suggest starting with something like walking, jogging or even running. You should go with your own pace, don't push yourself. Another idea could be finding simple workouts on the internet. A YouTuber I recommend is Emi Wong. I hope my answer helped you.
Bel Aime N.
I think Sit-Ups are pretty good at starting. Do as many as you can, then rest for 10 seconds and do as many as you can again.
What might help you is to get some 7-minute-workout apps.
Ava E.
There aren’t many exercises for starting out specially but if you pick a routine and slowly build the amount of that exercise you do it should help. For example; (my workouts focus on different body parts I want to shape like my legs or my arms e.c.t) my ab/ core workout I have:
– 1min plank
– 1min high knees
– 50 jumping jacks
– 1min wall sit x2
– 10 burpees
– 30 crunches
– 30 sit-ups
– 20 Russian twists x2
But when I first started I halved all of the workload
Nisan Q.
If I am just starting out after a long break, then it is safest to start with simple stretches first. Some breathing exercises will help adjust better into the physical state and mindstate meant for exercising. Surely, the muscles in my body will be tight and hard from not using them, so it would be best to focus on loosening them and reactivating them.
Nitish X.
Walking is good for the start. You can walk alternate days. And other days you may do stretching, sit ups or jumping jack. I started with walking and on days I don’t feel like going out I do either Sit-up, Push-up or Jumping Jack. Hope this helps.
Maddy N.
Coming from someone who HATED exercising and any active activity, I personally found yoga to be the best starter. I know yoga can seem very difficult and overwhelming at first, but I’ve been doing the same 10 minute morning yoga this week and I’ve never been more motivated to move my body AND I look forward to it. Focus on beginner stuff only until you feel you’ve mastered it. Then maybe increase the time limit or move on to another similar but different yoga. YouTube has been a HUGE help in finding guided yoga videos. That’s another thing, if you’re like me and haven’t the first clue of what to do with yoga, YOUTUBE IS A BLESSING lol. Good luck!!:)
Durvalino W.
I’m not an export but, it does depend on the kind of exercise you want to do. My recommendation would highly be doing cardio exercises for a starter and building it up to whatever you want it to be over time.
Vanja Z.
The one exercise that I always recommend if you are starting to workout is plank. It maintains your posture and strengthens your core and helps you to do more exercises correctly.
Kelsey I.
A nice exercise if you are just staring out is to write some things you want to do that month, week, day, etc. Exercise your brain a little, stretch, and maybe listen to some music and chill.
Kiara E.
Try something simple, like 10 squats, ten planks, ten leg lifts. Or do each exercise until you feel like you can't. Do not buy equipment or a gym membership until you're exercising regularly.
Abby N.
Start with beginner workouts until you feel comfortable to move up. Start with no weights to get your form correct and start with low impact if normal exercise aren’t your level yet. Remember you can do this! 🙂
Janet Z.
I thinking walking is a good place to start at least 15-20 minutes. With some squats and maybe wall push ups if your very new to working out.
Mary O.
You can start with walking, typically I do 5k each day, working towards 5 days a week, if that isn't your thing, Swimming is a great full body exercise. Working your arms, core and legs. Start with an easy breaststroke and then into a front crawl to work your arms
Kachet O.
Walking. It’s low impact but gets you in the habit of just getting up. You eventually walk longer and/or faster, then build up to jogging and running.
Victor E.
The best exercise for you to do when starting to work out is probably either a low intensity full body workout or just a certain exercise activity for the certain area you want to change.
Ashok F.
Start with walking. Even 10 minutes walking every day can do wonders to our health. Once you get comfortable with walking you can increase the duration.
You can increase your exercise intensity by jogging or running. If you are new to running, it is better to start slow. Alternate running and walking every one or two minutes. As you get confident with this routine you can increase the duration of running.
Always do stretching before every exercise. It will reduce the chance of injuries.
S Nia Z.
I always drink almond milk
Either with coffee or in pancakes
Try banana pancakes with an egg , flaked Oates and a bit os almond milk 😊
Amber N.
Something small and easy to access. I go on my indoor bike which is just outside my room so I step out the door and it’s easy to access and private. I also play a movie or read to help distract myself
Lucas E.
Jumping jacks and burpees. Its only two exercise but they target your whole body and get you moving. You can start with the modified easy version and work your way up to the real thing.
Joel P.
Starting with a jog would be very nice. Despite my house is not near the park but i still could jog around the block. Although riding a bike wouldn’t be such a bad idea. But just one problem i dont have a bike 😀
Claudia N.
I found do exercise in my morning routine very hard in a first moment. Then I start with 5 minutes yoga on chair (that is something like stretching) and… it works! Because after breakfast I don’t have to move from my chair, and with an app called ‘downdog’ i do this 5 minutes yoga
Mona Q.
Usually when you are starting out exercising, the best ones to start with are either treadmill runs (at your own pace) or even yoga and beginner pilates. This is a good way to start easier and can over time make it harder to adapt to your abilities and experience.
Gem L.
Some easy and great exercises for starters are Jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, arm circles, and stretching or do some yoga🧘‍♀️
Antonios F.
I started with starjumps and treadmill stuff hahaha and then got into skipping to improve my foot speed. It really just depends on what you are trying to improve.
Marie N.
If you are just starting out I recommend unweighted squats, push ups, and V ups. That way you start building basic places on your body from which you can branch out and start building your other critical areas. From there you can start doing weighted exercises and start targeting other crucial places like your shoulders and hips for example.
Mauren S.
I would start with a 5-10 minute workout and then run 1-2 laps. When your done you can just do something active or a sport.
Florian O.
You could Just try some simple crunchies or hip dips Just don't make top much of them or you could get really tired in a short amount of time while if you don't want to do something too tiring Just go for a simple run, even in your house like I do
Hannes C.
I would suggest starting with something you’re familiar with and don’t dread doing. If it’s a piece of cake for you to do 20 sit ups then start there. Start with one thing for at least two weeks and if you can take on another task, go for it! Adding on too much (for daily repetition especially) can make it a daunting task that you end up skipping altogether.