Do u like to workout before or after u eat?

Joyce Z.
I prefer to workout before I eat. It allows me to get moving quickly and I don't have an upset stomach. The feeling post workout without a meal beforehand is something that I enjoy.
Johnni U.
I always workout on an empty stomach. I feel much more energised that way and it burns fat rather than using the food you ate for energy.
Mikkel X.
I have oatmeal after I work out. I dont usually eat before which is really bad. I'm trying to have a banana before my workouts.
Ramon Z.
I like to drink lots of water before working out so my body doesnt feel so empty while I work out and then eat afterwards.
Anatol E.
I like to workout before I eat. I usually exercise when I get out of bed. This helps me start my day and gets me energized, even though I may be tired. After I'm done I feel I can eat a healthy meal.
Fortunato Q.
I work out first thing in the morning. Before eating because my stomach feels bad if I eat beforehand. I also like to exercise before my shower so I can wash off the sweat before work. First thing in the morning is my only option.
Christopher J.
I will eat a light snack before I workout. A banana. A peanut butter sandwich. Sometimes together. And apple. A drink.

I like to eat after a workout. Replenish energy in my body and it helps with recovery.

Noham Z.
I like to workout before I eat. I don't feel any pros or cons of either physically but not only does this pass more time without calories but the added benefit of burning the calories before you consume them. Plus, once you've ate, you feel satisfied for longer. If you eat and then exercise, you're likely to feel hungrier sooner with you burning off what you've ate. This is all dependent on your diet but that's what works best for me
Sid Nio Z.
I prefer exersice after eat cause I have enough energy to do that in the best way, but It's important not doing exersice when you're full.
Martha X.
I prefer to workout before I eat breakfast. I notice that I personally can do more before I eat. If I eat first I don't always have the energy to finish a 45 minuet workout. I suggest trying to workout before breakfast for a week and then after breakfast for a week and see which one feels right for you. Every body is different and you need to see what is best for you.
Suzanne F.
After!! It’s like a nice reward for working out, plus it is a motivating factor to finish. If I eat then work out, I often feel sluggish. It just seems better to do it afterwards.
Nino W.
I go to zumba twice a week, which is very intense. I feel best when I eat a small protein rich "mini meal" about an hour prior. Maybe a protein shake, or a couple of hard boiled eggs and some nuts. Then after I get home, I have something fairly small but again rich in protein and small carbs for muscle recovery. Almond milk and granola or a protein powder waffle with strawberries or brown rice cakes with sunbutter and a glass of almond milk.
Gino E.
It depends on the workout and the rest of my day. If I'm working out fairly early in the morning I like a little snack before and more of a recharge meal after… if its later in in the day i prefer to eat about an hour before my workout and have a protien snack after
Joy J.
I've worked out before I've eaten (a light workout) and after I've eaten (heavier workout). So, it's up to you and what you're feeling at the time.
Arianna W.
I eat something small and carb heavy, like a banana. Then I stretch and do light yoga for a good 30-45 min while that digests a bit. Then I start my actual workout.