What is your favorite type of exercise to do? At home? In the gym? With a class?

Kurt P.
I love biking its invigorating and helps to clear my mind. Its refreshing and the fresh air and sun is revitalizing. It is not straining or harmful to my body in any way. I am always able to push harder and improve each time I ride either with speed or distance.
Scarlett T.
I like to do my exercises at home and find a YouTube video or something to follow. I also sometimes go out for a run if the weather is good. But it just depends on what I’m feeling that day 🙂
Daniel C.
My favorite exercises at the gym are deadlifts and kettle bell swings. My favorite exercises at home are pushups and yoga. I also enjoy snowboarding and skateboarding.
Ol Mpio Q.
I like walking followed by yoga the most. Although I like doing yoga all by myself the presence of a walking partner makes me really happy. Usually my husband plays that role and our pace and ability almost match which makes the walk even more enjoyable.
Franz E.
My favorite exercise days are probably resistance booty workouts or free weight back workouts because they make me feel the strongest. My favorite at home workout is probably just standard quick squats or yoga sessions off youtube… My favorite class is hot yoga with my girls.
Beatrice O.
I do exercises at home. I do yoga and stretching flexibility videos on YouTube. I do some full body workouts like squats, crunches, Russian twists, pushups, planks, dips . You can find heaps of different exercise videos to do at home on YouTube or online websites. Those are best for me because I don't go out for exercise since I don't have much time in the day, but I usually save at least 30mins to an hour for these exercises and workouts.
Landon E.
I enjoy to exercise at home. I lift weights and practice yoga from home. It spares me a lot of time that I can spend on things I like instead of sitting in a car for 40 minutes (both ways)
Emmie E.
My favorite type of exercise is always Cycling. I prefer it outside on long gravel routes, but I do enjoy a good spin class to keep in shape.
Beverly O.
I go to the gym for just average workouts, but sometimes I like to go and run around and have a good time doing things like swimming or paintball or whatever and those are a great workout and they're fun
August W.
My favorite exercise to do is yoga. I follow “yoga with Adrienne” on YouTube and do her videos in my living room. I feel accomplished when I finish and I can def see the changes in my body. Outside of my home I like to hike. It gets my heart rate up quickly and I can get my steps in heavier.
Katy O.
My best exercise is stretching my muscles head to toe , and building up structure , I need an exercise that will shape me up and gain weight , and be fit
Katie X.
I love to workout at home because I have a toddler. There are a lot of workout-at-home program like Kayla Itsines' BBG, BodyBoss Method, etc. Right now, I do Jen Ferrugia's Bikini Body Workout because it incorporates weight trainings, too.