Should we try to exercise when having an illness?

Angelina O.
No because our body tends to use more energy in fighting the illness hence when one is not 100% they should rest however some illnesses will need exercise to ease
Sherry F.
It depends on the illness. If you have a simple cold, you can exercise. Actually, moderate intensity exercise can increase your immune system response and help fight the cold. If you have a fever or the flu, it’s better to rest and let your body recover. If you feel bad about not completing your goals, maybe just do some light stretches and call it a day.
Pauline Z.
I think it depends on your illness. If it is a mental illness, then yes you should exercise. If it is a physical illness then things get tricky. Depending on how bad the illness is, you should always try to move. Exercise doesn’t have to be high intensity. You can do low intensity exercises and work on mobility and flexibility if that is what you are struggling with. In all things, however, you must know your limit. Don’t risk hurting yourself just to keep up with trends. Do variations of exercise if necessary and take rest days. If it is an mild illness like a cold, then you can turn down your intensity. If it is really bad, then you focus on healing your body and when it is feeling better than you can reintroduce “exercise” slowly.
Elisa Q.
Yes, I believe we should try exercising even when we are not feeling healthy but(!) in moderation. I’d make some modifications not to agitate the illness but keep going.
Exercise keeps blood flowing in your body and can help you recover faster. Also, breaking the chain of exercise habit can cause relapse.
Stephanie Z.
Depends on the nature of the illness. The common cold may be fought more effectively by the immune system when stimulated by exercise. However chest infections may be aggravated by cardiovascular exercise and the healing process for most illnesses will probably take longer if it is also tasked with recovery from exercise. Best to take things slowly and listen to the body. Slow habitual progress is better than risking injury and aggravated illness.
George U.
Depends on the illness… If it requires rest, then of course not… If it's a small cold, then exercise could be beneficial. In all cases, before taking my opinion, definitely consults your/a doctor.
Kuno Q.
Funny you ask, I'm actually sick right now. My answer is yes. You will recover much faster, if you help your body out by sweating out the bacteria that made you ill to begin with.
Kelly Z.
In my opinion, try less intense exercise to keep yourself warm when you’re a little bit ill. Get yourself enough sleep and keep hydrated. You’ll feel better exercising a little bit than sleeping all day.
Ngue P.
It really depends on how you are feeling and on your symptoms. If you're coughing a lot, fevered, and dehydrated, take a few days off till you start to feel better. Also, you also have less chance of getting others sick too.
L On S.
It really depends on the illness and the exercise. You need to know and acknowledge your own body and respect its need to heal. But you also don’t want to underestimate the power of fresh air and exercise. Go with what feels best.
Ulrike G.
No never, it is very important to be recovered before you kept trying as that might generate a more serious injury that could prevent you to exercise at all, or if it is a permanent illness review what exercise might be helpful for your case
Aziz M.
No! I think you should definitely take a break if you are feeling any bit sick or unwell. Your body needs time to recover and exercising is not going to help!!
Ariela Q.
Not at all. You should give your body all the time it needs to fix it self. Focus more on the nutrients you give your body and in what quantities. Dont go for sugar and snacks. Greens and fruit. Remember to chew everything extra well. One love ✌
Jeremiah N.
Existe sempre algum tipo de exercício compatível com qualquer doença. A intensidade duração é outras características da doença variam de acordo com o quadro clínico
Timothe T.
Absolutely not. However go for a walk. Do some light stretching and relaxing yoga. Meditate. These will take your mind of the illness. Improve your blood circulation and make you feel good. Make sure to have a good diet with whole food and recover faster.
Annette T.
Sports physician for an Olympic team once told me if cold is from the neck up, yes you can, below the neck, no. Personally, I would back off a bit. Your resting heartrate goes up 10% when you are sick. Watch for it to go down again before you head out if you want to be sure.
Ambre O.
I think it depends on the severity of the illness. When I have the flu or something rather severe I don’t exercise because I want all my energy to go towards fighting off the illness. If I have a cold the I typically will do some light exercise like walking, stretching or yoga.
Nathan U.
If it's just a cough or small things, it's alright to exercise. But if you have a severe illness, don't. You need to rest. But maybe you can stretch if you like.
Grace O.
When you're ill, you have to temper your expectations. If the illness is minor (say a day or two off work) then I believe you should reduce your exercise, but it's important to keep up the habit. Try a walk instead of a run, or some light yoga instead of weights. If the illness is more severe it's best to check with your doctor, but moving is often beneficial and just walking can help you keep up your habit while still giving your body a chance to recover. Good luck!
Mason N.
Only if you feel up to it. Also there’s a generic rule to follow. Above the neck good to go (so head colds), below the neck no go (so bronchitis, throat issues, breathing issues)
Cecil R.
You shouldn’t do any exercises during illness as you’re body I say trying to recover from the illness and need focus on that
H Lo Se T.
I don’t think that’s a good idea. You can try some light yoga but try not to exhaust yourself too much as your body needs rest to heal.
Caitlin J.
I think it’s ok to do something small, to keep the habit going. Like maybe just get up and stretch, or take a 2 minute walk.
Rapha L C.
It depends on the severity of the illness. If possible, just do a gentler version of the exercise. But if you're too ill to do light exercise, a meditation will suffice.
Elsa T.
It depends on your illness. If it is just a cold, a flu or something that doesn't require some kind of medicine or rest you should exercise. Hope I had helped you. Xoxo
Ferenc F.
It depends on the type of illness but I would think if it’s a cold or something minor why not? Working out gets me going, gives me energy, and always makes me feel good. So I say within reason…go for it! 💪🔥🔥
Anita O.
I have trigéminas neuralgia, anxiety and depression. YES! Every time I start to exercise I feel loads better. I’ve never been consistent so I can say for sure when I do it I feel better and when I don’t I feel more lethargic and stressed. It’s a confident boost too. I’m hoping this app helps me stay consistent. Good luck
Christian C.
No, because u will be weak due to the illness. Take some time to recuperate and then continue. There is no harm in doing this.
Erin S.
NOT if it’s an acute illness. For chronic illness exercise is important, even if just doing some chair exercise with light hand weights or resistance bands. If you exercise when ill you can actually lose muscle mass.
Cl O Q.
It depends on the person and how sick. Learn your body and know if you should or not. Some small fevers and workouts are actually helpful at boosting the immune system. Extreme dehydration or muscle fatigue should be considered before even beginning. Do not exercise unless it makes you better.
Nathaniel T.
It depends on if you would make it worse on your body to to so.
An injury, like a meniscus tear in the knee might be another good reason to modify your exercise routine.
Henni A.
Depends on what we mean by illness, chronic illness needs a doctor consult. If we are talking about being sick or flu, no. Your body absolutely requires rest when sick. And that rest should include NOT restricting calories. Your bodyworks very hard when fighting bacerial/ viral infections. Especially if running a fever, stomach issues, and hot/ cold sweats.
However dont "baby" yourself too long either. As soon as I'm not running a fever it's time for light excersize, and increase each day if feeling better.
M Lody O.
It depends on the kind of illness, they say u shouldn’t exercise when you have fever or you’re in pain, but if the illness is mental or there’s sth wrong with your soul, sure exercise or even dancing is a great way to feel better!
Denise R.
No because if we exercise when sick we actually make ourselves more weak than normal. When sick we should give our bodies time to heal and get better rather than force it to do more work
Brad G.
I don't necessarily do a full body sweat routine when I am not well, but I personally like to stretch and loosen up … Just enough that I feel slightly better or more energetic. If you are seriously ill than resting is obviously the best answer.
Rupert Q.
Depends on how I'll do you feel, and what reaction your body will have after perform it. Meditation I will say goes a long way, breath and streach and rest.
Mattie U.
We can still continue to exercise even when we have an illness but it is also dependant on the type of illness that you have. If it is a serious illness and you have seen a doctor, you might be advised not to exercise since the body is continuosly trying to heal when you have an illness. If it is not a serious illness then you can still consider whether you want to exercise or not as not many people likes to exercise in this era.
Cirleni A.
I think it depends on the illness,
and you should always check a doctor and see what is appropriate for your condition. If it were something that happens once and for a short time, an acute disease, (e.g.: that day / week you have a flu, a sprung ankle) I think is better to let your body recover from it before excercising. If it were a cronical diseases you should check with your doctor what is good and appropriate for you.
Mitchell G.
Yes we should. Moderate exercising actually can help us to fight the illness. It has lots of advantages for our body like increased blood flow, releasing the endorphins and stimulating our immune system. There is nothing better we can do than doing small exercises while being sick.