I feel I am quite weak, be it my upper body strength, my spine or even my legs for that matter. I have never been much into sports, took up cycling a few years ago but discontinued and I find it hard to run even 3km. How should I build up my exercise routine so that I feel energetic all day and also have the strength to run a 10k, participate in marathons or even play a physical sport like soccer for over an hour? I believe the strength will also help me mentally more present and feel alive.

Sana A.
In this case،it seems better to use the rule of 5 seconds … Write in your diary 5 seconds of exercise of any kind (stretching, running, etc.) If it is done for five seconds, it will take up to 1 hour more.
Kathryn Q.
Start of with something simple, stretches and a short walk maybe. Then gradually grow in that until you are achieving your goal. Drink plenty of water too
Sydney O.
The best way to start an exercise routine is to start doing light exercise (walking, yoga, dancing, stretching) for 5-10 minutes a day for a week. Each week, try a new exercise and increase your exercise time by 5 minutes/week. Slowly you’ll start to build strength to get more done! I would also recommend Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube and her monthly yoga calendars to help you keep a workout schedule !
Rebecca U.
A good way is to start slow with something low impact that you find enjoyable. Yoga and swimming are good go to options. Once those become comfortable you can increase the intensity. The muscles need time to build and strengthen. Walking places instead of driving whenever possible helps a bunch as well. Cars have gone from a convenience to a necessity even for just going a few blocks away. Making a conscious effort to make everyday things into an exercise opportunity is a great start.
Brandy P.
Try taking up swimming sports or even just swim based exercises. Your weak muscles will get twice the work out without the fatigue. Good luck!
Emmy Z.
Well the key is to take small manageable steps everyday ,for instance if you can't do 3km ,then you need to start with what you can do right now and add in some weight training and if every day you go further than the day before your progressing even small progress is still progress
Colby F.
I know this isn’t the answer you wanted to hear, but you just have to get out and do it. Start small with just a 1/2 mile or so each day and begin working your way up. Doing a little everyday is better than doing nothing; even small steps are still steps. For the working out bit what helped me is putting in your headphones and realizing no one is focusing g on you. Don’t ego lift, lift what you can properly move with good form. Hope this helped
Elizabeth N.
Building up endurance takes dedication and patience. Swimming is a good exercise for this. Otherwise slowly building the amount you run up each week. Running is about the mindset. I hadn’t run in a year and woke up one day and decided I wanted to be better and I ran 3 miles. Focus on your mindset about exercise:)!
Oscar I.
Out your soul head body and mindset into the world try to avoid the calling from.the negativity and be focus on your own path
Katie U.
If you do little by little each day, and steadily increase the amount of exercise you'll work your way up to be able to do much more.
Rin Q.
I felt the same some weeks ago and I tried to exercise,believe it helped! First of all you need to find when you feel more productive during the day. Then start doing you exercise routine, for example if you want to run you need first a good warm up (don't ever forget the warm up or you will be injured) after you do that try walking for some time and then start running(if you feel tired ,relax and breath ,the first 3 days we need to get the spirit not to be tired we don't want to lose motivation)Every day add one more km and I think you'll see great results(Thats how you'll get better at running) . Also remember that you are not weak you are just not trying, if you try you'll be strong! Don't ever say to yourself that you are week , I also did that and I started lose all my motivation because I thought I would never be like the others that play sports. Remember that you are different and you only compare yourself with your past self. I know you can do it! (By the way I am not a professional but I also had the same problem so I thought this will help you, don't get my advice too serious because I maybe be wrong to some parts.Keep in mind that I think you can do it! GO GET THEM!!)
Savannah F.
I have always been one to exercise, so I do it quite a lot.
But if you want to exercise more then I recommend starting with something simple. For example
Try walking more than driving, when you’re bored or in your free time try to exercise, plan tomorrow ahead of time with a workout in the
Mason C.
This probably isn’t the best answer but do a lot of it. If you wanna play soccer for over an hour than start play 15 minutes everyday then 20 then 30.
Tanise Z.
Hey ! Firstly I want to tell you that I face the same situation many days ago right. ! I was so lazy person I just want to lay on bad alwaaaayyyssss..I was really tired of it that I always thought I want to do exercises I want to give shape to my body and all that . so I just believe in my self and taking small small steps everyday .because small steps can give you interest to do more okay . you have to tell your self that time is going so fast and in this generation of competition I want to take part in it and be famous right. You have to give support to yourself for doing the things that you love and achieve the goals . And yes I know you can do it best of luck !!
Marzie T.
Hey, that’s great that u decided to improve ur strength … Try to start with a light weekly program like 5-10 minutes workouts 3 days a week. Use workouts apps and accept monthly challenges. After a while u’ll get more motivation n inspiration to go for the heavier programs. Hope to see u in marathon:)
Christoffer Z.
Hi! I absolutely recommend signing up for a gym and going with a workout buddy (depending on what COVID regulations are in your part of the world). You can get a great morning workout in 30-45 minutes and jumpstart your entire day, get stronger and gain enough enough energy to do your 10km. It’s great to start going with someone you know, as it will be less intimidating, they can give you pointers on what exercises to do and how to do them properly, and you’ll hold each other accountable. Hope this helps!
Lummi W.
I felt just like you during this COVID time. At first I started off with a beginners exercising video. It was only 30 mins and it helped me lose weight and made me less tired. Then I started going to the gym. I go back and forth with upper body and lower body. It is hard at first but if you keep on trying and stick with the routine it will all be worth it at the end. I believe you. You can do it.