I’m already doing the stretching habit in the morning and exercise in the evening, why should I do exercise in the morning anyway? I could as well just tick it off every day but I don’t see the point.

Sue F.
You will feel energized and ready for anything, the sense of accomplishment is great. Morning endorphins are just an excellent way to kick off your day!
Clarindo Y.
They tell you in the app why. But if you don't want to do it then don't but I think ita beneficial to start the day of motivated 🙂
Lewis U.
Exercising in the morning gives you energy for the whole day. Streching is not intense enough to give you energy though streching is good after exercises. I would suggest doing small intensity 7min workout in the morning followed by streching before breakfast. And you can keep doing intense workouts in the evenings but not everyday
Mahmoud Z.
I'm no expert, but doing some exercise in the morning could make sure you get some exercise in before you start your day. Starting the day with a workout will make you feel great for the rest of the day.
Wieland G.
Exercise in the morning is always more beneficial. It helps wake you up. It ensures that your exercise for the day is done so that you don't need to commit another time from your busy schedule. It is the most effective when you do it before eating, so before breakfast is the perfect time
Emil C.
Well I mean stretching is a type of exercise so as long as you’re doing it for the 7 min you’re good! Also, if not, maybe just try exercising out in the morning because this app is all about trying something new and building a great routine. Just try it, maybe you’ll like it and if not then just stick to your own routine (maybe you didn’t need this app then)
Remus C.
In my opinion as long as you already have built a habit of doing it in the evening no point in forcing a change now, just tick it off as done for the day and you can even change to have it in the evening in the app when you are done with the path
Budaca O.
I wake up at 7:30 for online classes and right after that i drink water and start streching, i doesn t matter how much. When i don t workout in the mprning i fell asleep at my classes, but when i do i concentrate even better on studying. Hope it helps!
Ramisa G.
Exercising in the morning will help your body warm and relax, it may aswell keep your mind off of things, it is a great habbit and a great way to let go!