The more anxious I am because of stress from work, the less I want to workout. How do I fix this mindset?

Liara P.
Exercising will make you less stressed. If exercising makes you more stressed, which it shouldn't, do a relaxing exercise. Like a refreshing jog outside. But tell yourself exercising will help you manage your stress and give you time to distract yourself from it. Also think about the goals and benefits from exercising. Think of working out as positive and not negative.

Rehab E.
I think that you should not mold the exercises into their normal forms, but you can enjoy them, such as turning on the music, dancing a random dance, or whatever you like, then you can gradually add sports movements to your motor habit, but you must try to break your feeling of laziness and start, even for just one minute.

Violet P.
Do few exercise to begin. Maybe some respiration or stretching Will help to relax body and mind. Then feel free to continue if you want or just quit and relax. 5 minutes are better than 0 when you don't have energy

Sammy P.
Every night for a minute stop and clear your mind, remind your self of every good thing in your life and block out the negative toughts.

Gabriela O.
Exercise can reduce your anxiety but for some people can be worst because the simptoms while working out is similar when you are having a panic atack, you can change that by treating your anxiety on therapy and in the short term, listening to music or a podcast at the gym can be relaxing