I like to mix up what exercise I do each day based on how I’m feeling. Do you think this makes it less of a “routine” when it’s not always the same?

Joseph E.
it's still a routine. emphasize different body parts or using weights cardio hiking or gardenning as similar activities.
Ivan Y.
When the practice is not strong so to speak, I do a hotch potch of stretching, strength exercises starting with breathing, otherwise I watch and participate in either a video based on ballet/barre,back exercises or a 10 min swim in backyard pool.I am also working on developing a buddy for a once a week morning swim in a lap pool and a once a week 4km afternoon dog walk
Zaida F.
I don't think being spontaneous with the contents of the exercise detracts from the routine of daily exercise. That said, I think it will introduce choice fatigue and make you less likely to exercise daily in the long run if you don't plan ahead. So maybe plan the next days exercise the night before?
Traudl S.
I feel that as long as you keep exercising every day,makes it a routine. Mixing up your exercises helps making workouts not too boring,plus it also helps you work different muscels. That's what I've heard professionals say over the years. I'm no professional, but it makes sense to me.
Diana S.
Actually i think so. If the routine is not part of you yet, sticking to the same exercise seems safer. If you already settle down to your routine, then i think it's okay:)
Sammy E.
I do the same , I find if I do the same thing over an dover again, I get unmotivated. If you getting to it around about the same time, for the same time, then that is still a routine. Better to adjust too, then doing something and injuring yourself and then not being able to going anything at all, which would ruin your routine
Hector E.
The habit is being consistent even if the quality isn’t there.
I learned this from social media as well, it’s not always good content, but consistent content keeps the viewers.
Frankie U.
Absolutely not, it actually keeps excercise dynamic therefore making it different and more challenging every day. This being said there is less of a chance that working out bores an individual.
Victoria Y.
I prefer to do the same exercise routine every day. It makes it easier for me to do it if I know exactly what I need to do and knowing that I can do it.
Milton J.
No, I don't. The thing you want to stick in the brain is the feeling that you *want* to exercise. And I find that it does not hurt to mix up the actual workout. (As long as you don't talk yourself into easier and easier exercises for each day.)
Allan T.
I feel like as long as you’re doing it every day in the Time period, it counts. The routine is exercising know how you’re exercising. Kind a like how you don’t eat the same thing for breakfast every day, but breakfast is still part of the routine.
Aiden Z.
I think that having variation in your workout routine is actually more beneficial than keeping it the same because your body won’t get used to the same motions and the exercise will be more effective
Evan E.
I always mix up my exercises. I get bored easily doing the same thing over and over. I think it’s good for you mind and body, too.
Craig U.
I don’t think that’s the right way( Th mixing up). You can design your workout with an element of enjoyment but hardships and repeats, no matter how boring it gets, are integral part of the workout story. The Joy is waiting for you at the end of it anyways.
Mylan O.
That's a great idea I like that creativity! But remember that a routine will usually reinforce a habit much quicker than getting up and analyzing your mood to determine what or how you exercise. In essence you're focusing on your mood and not on exercising by doing that. For example say one day your mood is that you're feeling lazy, tired, uninspired, well then your mood might lead you not to workout. So my advice is stick to the routine but because doing so actually regulates or elevates really your mood. But feel free to mix things up! You can alternate a routine pretty extensively as well. Don't take my words as law either since I'm sure you can come up with the best middle ground for yourself
Sheila P.
Well, I’m not an expert by any means, but I do think any form of exercise at the same time should be fine. Great actually.
Dont think exercise should be the same everyday. I think our bodies need more then just one type of exercise anyway. I do a cardio workout two days and the do strength training for one. The cardio workouts are different a lot of time.
I guess whatever ever keeps you doing it is what is best.
Marilaine Z.
Its still a routine. Your body just needs different things each day, so maybe one day it’s yoga and another day it’s HIIT. As long as you’re still being active, you’re still building and strengthening these habits.
Ramon X.
I do not think it makes the exercise any less of a routine than when it's the same. I like to think that doing different exercises based on how one feels makes that person much happier and at ease. If someone always had the same exercise of lower body, why would they keep doing the same exercise when they twisted their ankle or hurt their lower body. Or what if it was just too easy. It's better to mix it up and exercise in many different ways so it's fresh and exciting.
Penny O.
I think what's important is to exercise and if changing type of exercise keeps you motivated and happy, I'd say it's fine. Also, generally workouts programs are a mix of different types so it makes sense.
Denise F.
No, the routine is exercising, not running, not weightlifting, not yoga, or whatever you choose. As long as your are doing some that benefits your physical self it is part of your routine.
Walther O.
No, sometimes you have more or less energy. If you can do more, do more. But if you have a big meeting and you’re exhausted, don’t sweat it. Do 3 minutes of abs and call it a day. Some things deserve more energy.
Tracy E.
I consider that you have a routine of doing exercise and that's great. Changing the types of exercise is something positive since you keep the habit of doing something! Keep going! 😉
Tess Z.
I don't think so. I do that too. If I'm feeling some sadness I prefer doing lighter exercises, but always that I can I do the full routine of exercises that I thought for me hehe. I believe that's okay, as long as it is not slowing your progress down (like doing less exercises 50% of time)
Emma Z.
I think it's makes its dynamic, as well the exercise adapts to your day. That ways it's least likely to stop exercising as you always adapt it to your space, time and situation. As slowly it becomes a long time habit
Sara Z.
Honestly you should just do what you feel like doing. Like today you want to do your arms? Go ahead! Tomorrow you want to focus on your legs, go! I think that what matters is that you always do something.
June P.
I don't think so. By doing the same exercise over and over, it sure can get boring at some point, but it makes for a stronger habit. "Exercising in the morning" is a vague habit, while something like "Do 50 pushups as you wake up" is much more concrete. It also looks more like an instruction to complete, which is great in the morning because you are still in that "zombie" mode where your brain wakes up as you are.
Valentine Y.
Not at all! The important thing is to make a habit of exercising. Besides, doing something against your will would most likely end up in wanting to skip it at some point, or doing the same every day and feeling miserable. Also, an extra benefit of mixing it up is that you are getting a more complete body workout throughout the week 😉
Ida G.
No, I think the point is to exercise consistently. And that usually means doing things that keep you engaged and feeling interested in continuing.