How do you get back to your exercise after being sick?

Rose O.
Actually i feel weaker compared to the state of before being sick, so i start from the beginning, slowly, so i get my power back in time.

S Rgio F.
Start small and remember that the routine is more important than the intensity. You can always build up the intensity as you recover. Make sure you stretch muscles that you haven’t been using. This increases blood flow and energy supply in the muscles, increases flexibility, and prevents injury. A gentle walk in nature would be beneficial to the mind and the body.

Creusa C.
I literally just experienced this. I was sick for 5 days, it was terrible and I fell off all of my new habits and routines. Honestly I am still working on getting back up to speed. But so far these things have been helpful:
1) Having self acceptance for where I am at. Not getting down on myself for falling out of my routines.
2) Found success in even the tiny attempts to stay on track, even if the habit of routine wasn’t up to my standard. I rewarded myself for at least trying.
3) I took a day off after recovering from being sick. I allowed a full day to take my time getting back on track. I didn’t go back to work, but I did work on my habits & routines and paced myself.

So far all this has greatly helped!

Charlie Y.
I just do it, because I never really skip exercise when I’m just a bit sick. If I’m really sick, I lower my pace in the exercises I do to give my body the opportunity to not over pace.

Brett T.
After being sick I go for some easy and low intensity exercises for example a very short jog or just a dance to your favourite song

Anick B.
Get back to it once you feel well enough. Do not force anything. When you are ready, you will know. Always honor yourself and that will work in the long run. Once you get back into your routine, go HARD!

Sigfried J.
I have friends to exercise with, that way I am held accountable. Accountability is the key to success in dieting and exercise.

Martha W.
I’m starting like that’s my first training and then try to exercise regularly, after a week or two I’m getting back to the weights I’m used to

Cherly E.
Start small after you have recovered. Because when you have been sick the body ustilises the nutrients. When you begin small steps towards your big goal. It makes you feel better and not overloaded

Maria F.
Start back with short workouts maybe twice a day until you're ready to get back to your normal workout. And change up your workouts. YouTube is a great place to find shirt intense or less intense workouts.

Ant Nio A.
I try not to do everything at once. I start with cardio and work back into the weight routine. Chances are I’ve lost some strength so it can take a week or two to get my lift back.

Nino C.
I realized I got sick when I don’t exercise, rather than seeing it as a forced habit to get to a certain goal, I embraced being outdoors and getting involved in a physical activity. Picking new locations to work out did help me a lot.

Suzy E.
As sucky as it is, you may have to do a soft reset, start off small on your exercises and build back up just as you did when you started exercising. Luckily you’ll get back on track faster each time!

Pat G.
Good question, I want to know this too. I tried doing 1 minute of cardio exercise each day after being really sick for a month and doing no exercise at all. I couldn't handle 1 minute, it made me nearly faint. So I've been just walking home from work and slowly increasing my speed. I do seem to be able to manage to go faster so maybe soon I'll be able to get back to something more intense and gradually build up

Angela F.
Slowly. Just make a commitment every day to do what you can. Climb the stairs do some housework go for a walk and just build up from there

Nathalie F.
You just jave to remind you’re self that it is normal to be sick it like a little bad felling vacation and after just do everything as normal

Judith E.
I find myself dropping into it again because after being away for so long I feel like I just need to. I hate being sick and near the end really look forward to getting back out there.

Rufino Z.
That's a good question. Starting small is always a good way to go so I always just tell myself I will go for a certain amount of minutes or a certain amount of push ups and then if my body is willing to do more, to do more. So something you enjoy! Maybe go outside for a walk first.
In order to remember to in the first place, using a lot of reminders on your phone helps but also having people to help keep you accountable.

In S Y.
I usually plan what I'll do when I start feeling better. I'll look into easy and short workouts and do it routinely until I feel ready to increase the intensity.

Johannes T.
Don’t jump back in at the point where you left off. Back off a little, till you see how your strength And Endurance are effected. Don’t push too hard to finish reps/sets/weight. Ease back in. I’m trying to do this with a new 🐶 in the house.