What are the best exercises that you can do from home and take up minimal space?

Hanne I.
When i don’t excersise in the morning it means i don’t have time for it . I don’t think its that bad because i actually get a 45 min workout everymorning ( and evening) when i ride to school with my ( elektric ) bike. When i am home from school i study and try to have everything done for the next day so excersising isn’t really something i have that much time for . When i do it i feel great 🙂
Bella J.
The best thing I can recommend is Lilly Sabri. She has just about every type of exercise you're looking for. Something that Lilly Sabri doesn't have though, is a dance workout, those are my favorite and you pretty much just customize it to the amount of space you have.
Molly F.
Humm… do things you are comftable doing and be sure to take your time. Go for a walk or a run maybe even a jog on the spot for 30secs and then rest and repeat. And then the next day repeat it but lengthen the intervals. Not only will this make you fitter and more comfortable in your body it will also clear your head or make you have better skin and will make you feel good about your self. Molly 🤪
Vedvrat F.
The best and most wholesome exercises is the Sun Salutation or the SuryaNamaskar. Just do 12 rounds of it each day and you'll be good. It is easy enough to fit into your schedule, and you can increase the reps as you progress if you want more challenge. I plan to do 108 each weekend
Juliane A.
There are countless exercises you can do that don't require much space or any tools, like jumping jacks, sit ups or push ups. Exercises like crunches or the plank only need enough space to lie down and train your abs. If you have a little more space when lying down, try scissor kicks and reverse crunches, again for training the abs. One exercise that I personally do and only requires minimal space is dancing, just jumping in place, or moving back and forth to your favorite upbeat songs. It's rather quiet (if you wear headphones), can be adjustet to your energy level and gives you an active and upbeat start into your day 🙂
Christian F.
I believe Yoga is a great one! even though you would use some space, there are Yoga mat’s in all sizes so maybe you can find one that suits you (not so big) . And a good Yoga session can change your perspective on everything, you can also find yourself with more space to grow when you’re done;)