How do you feel connected and social when also not being online and not have any friends over?

Edward P.
Although you may be talking about being connected with a community while being isolated, I take this desire as a sign to connect with myself. I start by taking a moment to take deep breathes and I meditate because I start to reminisce on memories and ambitions. It brings me joy and also reminds me about my identity. Also, if i feel despondent, I usually talk to myself by having the selfie camera on when I don't want to connect through social media. It calms me down by helping me feel understood and connected.
Katie N.
I go outside and just look around at the world, I also meditate and connect with myself and my feelings. Just sit and think, connect with your self, enjoy the moments, take pictures.
Noelle O.
There is high probability, that you will have to go out in any day. Whether it's to work, school, university, or even coffee shop, you are going to meet people there. Just try to talk with them. It can be just a 2min small talk, but it adds up