I exercise at different times in the day based on my schedule. Do you find it’s better to exercise at the same time every day, or just focus on getting exercise in, no matter the time?

Carlo Q.
As long as you get moving throughout your day, it is fine.
Personally, I think it is very important to start small and not to over commit because life may get in the way and you will end up feeling frustrated. I like to think about my exercise routine in terms of:
1. My daily exercise habit: best done in the morning, when you are full of energy (mentally and physically – make sure you get some good sleep, of course), consisting on a few simple and short body weight exercises, for example you can start with squats or crunches or even just some stretching.
2. My daily wind down cardio: I like to take a walk, sometimes just 10 minutes, sometimes one hour, to wind down and relax, after work. This doesn’t feel like a must but more like something I enjoy.
Hope this helps!
Tonya J.
I think it’s better to get to exercise at the same time everyday, so you kind of make it a routine… but because of the different activities I have on a daily basis, I usually exercise at different times in the day
Ruby U.
I find to get into routine helps me motivate myself into doing exercises and I find that doing exercise in the morning wakes my body and gets my mind ready for the day
Sandra C.
It would be great if you could stick to a certain time because that helps it become routine. Although, while you’re figuring out what kind of routine works well for your life, it’s best to focus on making sure it’s gets done instead what time it gets done.
Joe Q.
I think u should focus on getting the exercise, time doesn't matter that much.
Hope it will be an awesome journey for u <3