How do you celebrate? I find that the extra energy I have when doing stretching and working out every morning is celebration enough but perhaps I should add something…

Mathilda F.
My celebration is just a nod. I’ve completed the tasks I set for myself. I just check that off last after everything else is done and nod approvingly. Maybe others celebrate differently, but feeling accomplished is enough for me.
Reza F.
I like to celebrate with a reward I have wanted for a while. If I have been consistent with my habits for a week (or a specific habit, such as going to the gym 3+ times), I like rewarding myself with something I’ve wanted for a while. These I like to split into catagories such as: school/work, meditation, working out, other. Once a week I would buy something related to one of these catagories and will cycle through them. No more than $50 per item.

I also think it’s beneficial to give smaller rewards for hard days. If I am struggling a lot with my anxiety, depression, PTSD, or just a rough day, I try to reward getting what I can buy getting takeout food or ice cream that day. I may also reward myself during the activity (such as a Starbucks drink while doing work).

Onofre P.
I added the habit of been grateful for the stuff I achieved either that couple of minutes or anything that popped in my head that I felt happy or have been done, making the celebration even longer.
When I’m not in the mood I put music I want to hear and love.
D Rte J.
To reward yourself for completion, take part in activities that will further benefit your cause instead of deflating it. I find that accomplishing tasks can be quite lonely, like you’re driving on a deserted road and every goal you achieve is just a sign in passing. So involving friends and spending meaningful time with people is a great way to celebrate, share, and bring closure to a completed task (put all that energy into socializing). That way you feel like you have a reason to make progress and can still have fun in the process.
George F.
I unusually does not celebrate et all. I think, "Now that something is done, what the next one" if I finish something or stick to the one in progress for longer duration. I feel accomplished mentally for the completed tasks but I don't get the feet to celebrate and Cherish the effort. I try to start celebrating when ever I have extra energy and when I complete a task
Jenny X.
I agree with you entirely and i believe ive that is simply enough. However, if you want to add something that’s absolutely great. Although , i find the positive effect on my body eating healthy and exercise has is a reward in itself.
Silas A.
Find something to read that you really like, a book, an article. Give yourself some time in the evening when you can be relaxed to enjoy it.

I found that exercising and reading about very different topics makes me a lot happier.
Perhaps it could also work for you

Clarisse Y.
I have a dreams account (it is a swedish fintech about behaviour economics, in U.S the equivalent is qapital) Every time I’ve completed my workout I ”chip” in a buck. These money I later use to treat myself, develope myself, or donate. Anything that makes me feel succesful.
Neil C.
I celebrate with a silly dance! If there’s a mirror near me I would dance in front of it and tell myself “you’ve got this” or “you’re the best” while I sing a silly song *laughs*. If there’s people around me I immediately go to a restroom and do it there – I don’t need questioning looks about my weirdness. 😅😋
Edouard Z.
i self pamper…. like i do a face mask, or i look in the mirror and say something positive for the day like “your gorgeous” “new day new adventure” “Youre doing fine”, at times if i can i gift my self an item, symbolic. Depends on what fits you best 😉
Jan X.
I usually celebrate by letting it set in that i’m making myself better and being proud of myself (and maybe sometimes having that extra brownie)
Pat U.
I haven't been celebrating because I feel like these are the habits I should have already. I haven't thought about celebrating, but I want to think about healthy ways to celebrate. Normally, I would celebrate in unhealthy ways with sugar and naughty foods but I want to turn that around!