What’s your exercise routine in the morning and how long is it?

Martins O.
I have three exercise routines plus a 2 mile walk that I try to do every day. First is a home exercise routine from my chiropractor with special equipment from him, second is a Pilates routine, and third is a 12 minute surge training routine. Send it to my old block. It doesn’t happen every morning, but I at least do the chiropractor exercise, I’m about five minutes worth, every single morning and evening. Whenever remotely possible I also do the Pilates routine.send it to my old block. It doesn’t happen every morning, but I at least do the chiropractor exercise, I’m about five minutes worth, every single morning and evening. Whenever remotely possible I also do the Pilates routine.
Volker O.
On YouTube i watch and follow along with "yoga with adriene". She has hundreds of amazing videos from 6 minutes to over 20. Depends on how i am feeling. And one day a week i see a trainer for one hour.
Maddison O.
Usually it's a yoga session 🙂 it is max 20 minutes. I love to concentrate myself into breathing and say hello to day and to the sun … it's fun !
Adrian U.
Vigorous and short section of exercises. I really feel waken up and stronger. Energised. But a little painful because of muscle recovery. I know it's part of the process of strengthening.
Abigail G.
I am terrible in the mornings, so for me it had to be easy. I follow the 8 minute time suggestion from the app. I do 4 strech poses (child pose, cat, downward dog etc). Then i use a miniband and do 4-5 upper or lower body excersizes, alternate days. I find that my heartrate goes up and i get a good excersize without killing myself.
Vili E.
I do a few basic sun salutations and a couple leg stretches. It's nothing strenuous, and it usually takes me 15 minutes or so.
Soline G.
I've been using the C25K running app. It's been good in that it starts off slow and doable, but is gradually working toward getting me to a run a full 5K. I like it. I've been getting up at 530 every morning to do it. It takes about 20-30 minutes, then I have a good chunk of time to relax before getting ready for rest if day.
Luna F.
I do cardio for 25-30 mins – treadmill, bike or elliptical. Keep it varying so I don't get bored. Follow that up with exercising one major muscle group per day. Just 4 exercises of 10 reps each. Follow that up with exercising core – 2 sets of crunches and 45 sec – 1 min plank. The routine lasts 45-60 mins. I cut down on cardio if in a rush. Sunday is a rest day.
Katrine Z.
Darebee.com has some very nice workout programms with alternating workouts for every day. I chose one for beginners eh ich takes about 8 minutes. Once or twice a week I also go jogging.
Eva Y.
It depends on how early I wake up. Generally I do situps, pushups, and squats. That usually takes 7-10 minutes. If I have the time I try to get a run in. I usually only get to do that on the weekends. If I dont get the run in through the week I usually take a short run during my lunch break.
Grace J.
I’m not a lover of routine but I like to keep things interesting so I don’t get too bored by doing the same thing every day. On a good day, I usually go to gym classes for about 30-45 minutes and get a full body work out. On a not so active day, I will do light weight training exercises from home using YouTube videos to guide my process. These usually last around 15 minutes.
Lylou E.
Usually I turn on music to wake me and my son up just to get us motivated and started for the day, then I walk my son to his daycare which is about 20 mins away. So dancing and walking is my morning routine.
Abbas F.
I do a "jumpstart" cardio workout for 5-10 minutes every morning. If I have time, I will transition into a full workout, otherwise I will look back to my workout after work (30 minutes). My habit is just the 5-10 minutes which 4/5 times transitions into a full workout.
Fiete E.
I don’t have an exercise routine in the morning. I prefer to get all the sleep I can get. I’m not really a morning person, so I exercise in the late afternoon 5 days a week, 45 mins to an hour. That works for me!
Lee E.
My excercise routine in the mornings are no longer than 15 minutes because I don’t want to overwork my body in the morning, especially if have a long day ahead of me. My excersice routine is different everyday. I use this app, 7 minute workout, because it asks me what I want to work on and I’ve found it great so far.
Samuel T.
Hi there, based on the suggestion from Fabulous, I started really small. I take a 10 min walk every day to my transportation. I really would like to start really working out in the mornings before work. That’s my current challenge 🙁
Alex T.
I find dancing aerobics fun. Depending on my body that day I might do a short 30 minute playlist from YouTubes FitnesMarshall or a 60 minutes playlist. On short days I’ll incorporate some light weights for 10 minutes and then a simple yoga routine with Yoga from Adrienne to cool down and stretch (5-20 minutes). On long days, I’ll follow up with push-ups, crunches, light weights and stretches for 20 minutes.
Linda U.
i actually prefer to workout in the evening because that’s when i have time available, but my workout routine usually lasts about half an hour but i put all my effort into it. my exercise routine is usually strength training since i would like to become stronger. i lift weight and do normal exercisess but just with weights such as weigted squats. if you are just starting to get into exercise for the sake of being happier, i would recommend finding a beginner exercise routine online. if you cannot find one, i would recommend this : 30 jumping jacks, 20 squats, 10 pushups, 20 lunges, and 25 sit ups. this is a very basic routine, but it gets you ready for productiveness
Bruce C.
I usually exercise for 6 days a week. I like to mix up my routine with HIIT and strength training exercises. I exercise for 20-45 mins on an average per day.
Albina E.
Currently in an occupational rehab program which runs 4 hrs a day from Monday to Friday. Consists of cardio and weight training.
Angie C.
Either a dog walk about 30 minutes
A 10 minute yoga session
Or I choose a 7/8 /10/15 or 20 minute from the women’s workout app ….
Alfred U.
I do yoga in the mornings—sometimes more of a stretch/flexibility routine, sometimes strength training, sometimes HIIT—and it’s usually 10-20 minutes depending on the day.
Bryan Y.
My exercise routine starts right after waking (medical reasons), and consists of 30 minutes of high intensity circuit training, followed by 10 minutes of thorough stretching. It gets everything going, and the extra stretching session ensures that my joints and muscles stay healthy. Followed up by a shower and breakfast, and then I’m ready to start the working day!
Annett U.
I usually do a 10-20 minute HiiT training workout followed by a short yoga routine. Depending on the intensity of the HiiT workout, I will sometimes do only yoga the following day.
Asta Y.
I walk outside for as long as I can. It helps me set my intention for the day, I get my steps, my heart rate is elevated and I enjoy it. It’s an easy early morning win.
Colin G.
8-9 minutes. I do yoga – 13 surya namaskars (Sun salutations). It stretches and gets my body started for the day while also stabilizing. I go to a yoga studio/gym in the evening (1 hour)
Naja C.
Walk around the block during 5 minutes, then add 5 minutes more next week and so on. I usually go out hearing my favorite podcast.
Malou C.
I do strength training with my own body weight using the FitMum program. It’s great not to have to buy equipment to work out.
Ekkehart T.
7 minutes. I was never a true fan of sports so the 7 mins iw scientifically proved and boosts my health without making me dread it
Oscar R.
I do rounds of running up and down the staircase. As Fabulous said, you don’t have to start an intensive workout, so I just do 3 sets. For me, that is more than enough.
Edwin F.
Mine is pretty short in the morning, I do 30 squats (while brushing my teeth) and 30 push-ups, mixing it with teeth brushing helps to maintain it in my opinion.
Nio B.
I exercise a half hour. I am doing an aerobic video. If I have been off for a while, I may do a slightly shorter yoga video. I would like to add some dog walks.
Mads C.
Exercise varies from walking, yoga, to strength training with a pt but love hill walking x Running not great on my knee injury x
Alyssa I.
My routine consist of 5-10 minutes of warm up which consist of a dynamic type of stretching where your doing stretching exercises but you only hold the stretch for 2 or 3 seconds, that way your body stays moving and heart gets a jump on what's to come next. I then do a scheduled routine of squats, push ups, planks, lunges, etc but through out the routine I do each exercise for 30 seconds and then rest between each exercise for 10 sec. I follow this routine and do it a total of 3 times. And to complete my morning workout I finish with a cool down which is close to yoga type moves taking deep breaths in and out and holding the pose for 15-30 seconds.
Chloe R.
My workout is awesome. I started with a plan that is easy for my to complete and week by week I can add to it to make it more challenging as I get stronger! I have opted to do calisthenics with light weights so I can workout at home. To add cardio I run up and down the stairs!
B R Nice Z.
I don't have one right now – the longer it is the more daunting. I also make excuses because I live in a very hot climate and don't like the start the day pouring with sweat. But a range of press ups, crunchies and star jumps begins the day and once that is cemented as a routine I'll build it more intensely from there
Cl Mence Z.
I do Svelte Training by Meredith Shirk. It’s called One and Done. Quick easy exercises with a focus on consistency, commitment and discipline.
Clyde Y.
I subscribe to Beachbody OnDemand where I have a lot of programs to choose from. Right now I’m doing 21 Day Fix and I do a lot of modifications and kinda take it easy because I don’t want to dread exercise. It’s a 30 minute workout, and while there is a generally recommended order to do the workouts in (total body cardio monday, upper body Tuesday, etc.) I don’t always follow that schedule. The point is to move for 30 minutes so whatever I do is a success! If I even do half it’s a success.
Jack P.
Actually, I can do some yoga in the morning. I also prefer my “personal” workout
-push-ups -10
-jumping jacks- 7 times

You should personalize exercises to you level and abilities ❤️

Loane O.
Do 50 to 100 knee lifts and leg lifts to the side and at the same time lift my arms up in sinc with knee lifts. I’m rushed for time so that’s it. But I also walk one block to the bus stop.
Eileen E.
Yoga and stretching, and a run if I’m feeling energized. I always end with light meditations – I’ve found Kait Hurley’s online app and classes to be incredible!
Diana E.
I use an app called 7M Workout. It’s an app that provides exercises for you for 7minutes, at a difficulty of my choosing. I can also customize the exercises by choosing which ones I want to do & thus create my own 7 minute workout. Then I ad a 1-minute stair climb at the end to equal 8 minutes total.
Diovalda F.
I don't have a routine. Sometimes I dance in my kitchen, sometimes I walk to the train station, and sometimes I do a strength training routine from the Nike+ training app. Usually 10-15 minutes, but walking can be more like 30.
Gen Sio Y.
I do between 20-30 minutes of yoga on YouTube and then another half hour of weights. I recently split my long workout into 3 sections that I can do something every day
Emmy Y.
I have a dog, so i have to go out each morning. Instead of just letting him out in the garden, we go for a little walk. Sometimes a little jog as well.
Lo S Z.
Every morning with the help of fabulous I perform two exercise routines.
The 4 minutes abs routine and the running weeks taking around 20 minutes on average
Mathilde E.
Usually SoulCycle – 45 mins to an hour. Monday Wednesday Friday at 630 am. In the evenings I try to do as many activities as I can such as rock climbing, trampoline parks etc
Liana E.
I don’t have a morning exercise routine. I exercise in the afternoons so I don’t give in to the early morning aches and pains.
Logan O.
Anywhere from 10-20 minutes. I rotate between three routines. They all begin with a Sun Salutation and end with a Moon Salutation. The Upper Body one has rotator cuff Isometrics, push ups, neck stretches, and chin ups. The Lower Body one has single Leg Bridges, side leg raises, butterfly bridges, and the Dancer (yoga posture). The one for side and Abs has side planks, plank, side plank crunches, and reverse plank.
Alfredo X.
30min yoga From Sweat app. Gets harder every week but doesn't increase in Length which to me is very important in mornings
Saionara F.
I am a late starter, do i tend to rush everything, therefore I chose exercises I can do at home, i follow Freelectics, which is short but intense. i sometimes do the Fabulous workouts, or combine 2 of them. I would love to start running, but I have yet to find a nice place for it. I live in a crowded city, so that sucks.
Jeanette P.
3 days a week I go from 7:30 to 8:30 to a trainer. It is a cross fit type of workout with weights and interval cardio training. I have a group of 6 who participate. It’s challenging, always different and fun!
Jen Z.
My routine is very short – just 3 cycles of the yoga sun salutation. It takes less than 5 minutes but energises me and prepares me for the day ahead.
Dustin C.
I usually go for a walk. The i take min 20 mi. -30 min to walk it back and foward. If i can get to the track i do some strength exercise for the 8 min required.
Line Y.
I do about 30-40 minutes of yin yoga. I use YouTube to stream the class I like. There are lots of yoga options available on YouTube. My preferred channel is yoga by kassandra
Ekkehard O.
I go for a walk. Usually I'll take the tram down to my bus to work, but now I walk instead. I've got an injured shoulder, so I can't do my normal weight training routine. Normally I'd do crossfit 0630-0730 in the morning, but I'm out for 6-8 months. It's rough. I really miss it..
Theodore J.
I don’t always exercise in the morning. Sometimes it’s after work as well. I go to the gym and it’s usually between 30-75 min; depending on my workout
Zeni F.
I wake up at 5 am in the morning then I do Running and other warm exercises for another 30 minutes. After getting warmed up I play Badminton for next two hours. So I do workout approximately 2 hours daily.
Lewis U.
1 min plank, 1 min pushups, 1 min right side plank, 1 min pushups, 1 min left side plank, 1 min pushups, 1 min plank, 1 min knee pushups, for a total of 8 minutes
Elizabeth S.
At the moment i’m excersising 30-45min in the morning. I want to go to 60-90 minutes a day. That will mean I have to clean up my schedule, I have my own business and takes a lot of time right now.
Aymeric G.
My morning exercise routine consists of walking ten minutes to my PT's home gym, and lifting weighs in a HIIT mode for 30 minutes.
Charlie E.
I walk my dog – about 10 minutes usually, 20 minutes if we have time and it's nice out. it's not the most challenging workout, but moving in the fresh air and spending 1-1 time with my pup is a great start to the day.
Tracy C.
I wanted to do something simple, intuitive but still exciting enough to get my heart pumping and my sweat running. Dancing energetically to my favorite dance beats did that
Nikolaj E.
At the moment it is not very long but that is only due to the fact that I am currently doing a 30 day core strength plank challenge so each day it gradually gets longer and harder. I start off with stretching, then I do a certain amount of squats and also plank for a specific time.