If I want to lose weight, should I work out in the morning or evening?

Traudel S.
In the morning would be best. It helps you stay more energized throughout the day and it helps kickstart your metabolism along with a nice big glass of water.
Eckart F.
Whenever is easier for you to stick to it and keep up the habit. It's all about consistency, not what time. Burn more cals than you take it l, stick to it and you'll get there. 🙂 x
Lauren R.
Either morning, or both. Morning is when you feel most content and committed to your mission. I reccomend a seven to eight minute workout in the morning. But also pair these workouts with healthy eating; less carbs, more protein.
Mudit F.
Morning because it is easy to keep up with the will power, motivation, schedule etc. Long term. Generally true in my opinion , by gotta see in your case.
Martha O.
Early morning and not eat before you work out. Your body is in a fasting state after you’ve slept, which means it burns extra fat in the morning before you have eaten. Remember to drink water just when you wake up
Katherine C.
I work out when I have the most energy – at night! But it also depends on what kind of workout. I do yoga or Pilates before bed and keep the mat in my bedroom, so it's really easy to motivate myself, and the exercise is relaxing before I sleep. If I'm going for a run, that wakes me up, so I'd rather do that in the morning. As long as you do the exercise, you're ahead of the game, right?
Claudia J.
There’s not a right answer to this question. If you want to exercise consistently, you should find the time that make it as easy as possible for you to build a sustainable exercise habit.
Sarah F.
I should work out in the morning before doing anything else. This improves my mood first thing in the morning, and starts off the day with a feeling of accomplishment. It also gives me more energy.
Raphaelle Z.
It doesn't matter. If you consume less calories than you burn, it is enough. But if you wanna stay motivated, you should pick a time that suits you schedule.
Ambry P.
I’m currently doing a bit of both. The Fabulous exercise in the morning and a walk/run in the afternoon (about when that afternoon crash would happen). This way I’m up, energized, and get more done.
Mathis G.
I’m sorry but I’m not sure on the scientific proof but I usually workout in the after noon after I have gained all of the calories during the day then I can work them off and after your workout in the evening you can eat a healthy meal for example salad or something delicious and healthy
Anastasiya C.
I don't think it technically matters. What matters is actually working out in an attainable way. So, if you say you're going to work out in the morning, but you're not really a morning person, you will be less likely to work out at all. Working out in the morning is typically touted as being better since it helps you get energized in the morning and studies have shown that it helps you make better health decisions throughout the day. But again, if you're not going to actually work out in the morning, it won't matter.
Julie C.
Evenings worked better for me. Following a diet helps, intermittent fasting in the morning (close to 16 hours since your last meal) helped me crave less food. This way I would eat a carb full first meal for lunch and that would help be fuel my mid-afternoon/evening workout which I followed with a protein shake immediately after, and then, dinner at night.