How often and what type of exercise do you do?

Noriko J.
I do yoga for 15 minutes to one hour daily, kettlebell exercise for 30 munitions three times a week, cardio for 15 minutes twice a week. I use Fitbit to walk 10,000 steps a day.

Jen S.
If we are not speaking about morning exercise I play squash. When it's not winter I run (once a week or more rare). In the morning I do squats, pump my press, an exercise for a balance and stretching. Sometimes I do it daily, but it's not a habbit, there can be weeks without morning exercises. Usuay it happens when my schedule changes or I sleep less (and work more).

Tilde G.
Walking – I live close to the beach so I walk there and go along the beach a regular distance and turn back. I try to walk every day.
Yoga – I do some gentle yoga at home. I used to go to a yoga class but I hate being scheduled so practise at home now. I try to do some every day as I get aches and pains that are relieved by yoga.

Eleonara Z.
I walk every morning with longer walks on the weekend – Aim to do it everyday so its part of my AM routine (plus my dog dosen't care what day it is). Walk hills on tuesday nights with a friend. Finally, am trying to start a new habit – rowing as soon as i get home from work. This is to help me destress and to replace a bad habit (glass of wine). Currently only row 1km, plan to build up to 30min of rowing. Again, aiming to do it every day except tuesdays.

Taylor O.
I have just started exercising after a couple of decades. I am starting slow with a daily morning stretching routine. Also, only when I am feeling up to it, once or twice a week, I put on music. I dance around with my cats bird-on-a-string toy for about 15 minutes.

Wilhelm N.
Every day I make sure to get at least 1-10 minutes of exercise first thing in the morning. 3 times a week I go to the gym in the evenings.

Kathryn F.
My scheduled workouts are 1 1/2 hours of karate 2 times a week, it can be high cardio or fairly chill yoga or anything in between, and if I’m available I will do a short karate class on Saturday. I also have a high intensity strength training class with a personal trainer once a week, which makes me feel stronger in my daily life.

Gerardo Q.
I workout every day! I do a mixture of workouts – some cardio, HIIT training, weights, yoga, walks, really anything to move my body and bring my heart rate up for 30
Minutes everyday.

Kier F.
I exercise every second day, minimum. There’s no deviation, unless I want to work out more. Then I also do a mini workout in my home, sit-ups, press-ups etc. Everyday, to make sure I’m awake for the day. I also have a fitbod app that creates a good workout for me focusing certain muscles that are not worn out so I can get maximum growth.

Marie E.
I do 10-20 minutes yoga every morning. I do 20-45 minutes high intensity training five days per week. I walk almost every day.

Rosa Z.
I walk for a couple of miles a day (continuous) bicycle (usually w/ my four year old attached on the back) a few times a week. Light arms & chest also( bow flex).✌🏽🙃

M Nica S.
Je cours 15 a 30 minutes sur le tspis roulant et au moins 30 minutes de poids libre je fais différent exercices car je veux mon summer body

Sara P.
I lift weights each day a different muscle. On the days where I don’t feel like lifting or notice that I do not have much time I will do cardio instead. Usually spend 45min to 1.5 hours daily with rest days in between.

Fridolin X.
I do Pilates every morning. It’s something I can do in my pjs and doesn’t make me sweat but really strengthens my core muscles. My tummy has really flattened out.

Adam W.
I do ten minutes of yoga after I take a shower. I usually take a shower right after I wake up at 6. I’m planning to add more exercise to my day though. I want to do 20 to 30 minutes of cardio when I came back from school. It’ll take some time but I can do it.

Enora Y.
A mix it up between pilates, barre, HITT, and dancing. I try to do something every day, even if it's just for a couple minutes

Albert C.
I do all sorts of things; some are workout material and some are activities in the outdoors. Workout exercises are more for the daily basis (morning routine) to keep consistency while the outdoor activities add spark throughout my day/week. The type of exercise you do is totally depending on previous injuries and on the idea that it needs to feel natural with your routine!

Ka S I.
I try to go for a 30 minute walk every day. When I can’t walk I try a mix of yoga (which I am awful at) and some exercises from the Better Me app. 🙂

Camila C.
Because I work everyday I get very little time to focus on exercise so I have to use the time I have wisely. I like to dance every morning while I'm getting ready which also helps my mood for the day. It's not a lot but every little thing helps.