How do you make the time to exercise?

Hanna Z.
Remind yourself you don't have to work out like mark walburg to exercise. 20-30 minutes is enough to make a difference. 20-30 minutes is less than 2% of your entire day! You will spend more than that on social media, make your time COUNT!
L Sma F.
I dont exercise, I dance instead to some music I like. So it just doesn't feel like exercising. 3 songs and all these needed minutes are gone and nicely spent.
Claire T.
I wake up earlier than I usually did and immediately do them so I won't get lazy.
I figured out which exercises I like so I do them happily.
Rasmus F.
I don't so I'm following this, have a little wiggle and dance while making the kids lunch boxes and breakfast in the morning.
Th Odore Z.
Make it key part of your to-do list for the day. Carve out a time slot where you can do specific exercise by talking to those around you and agreeing any support you need to make it happen. Give them permission to hold you accountable. Also for non-specific exercise, just drop bits into your day. Dance while you wash up/load the dishwasher. Do the stairs twice each time you need to go up or down. Walk to pick up the kids rather than jumping in the car.
D Cio P.
I wake up at 5:30 every morning, so that I can brush my teeth, wash my face,ect in 10 minutes. Then I spend 30 mins to exercise
Cindy N.
At first I asked myself the same thing and then my mind kept telling me that I didn’t have the time for it, but now when I wake up, even if it’s before breakfast or after work, I make time to exercise. I turn off everything that reminds me of the things that need to be done, and just forget about time for a while. I try to create a space for myself without future worries or distractions and just focus on feeling energized. It’s like meditating only with sweat:).
Hikari Z.
Set up my time and complete all of my works before exercise but… Complete my work such as doing chores also an exercise isn't it?
Ilona O.
I often do very short exercises multiple times a day. I will more easily find five minutes three times in my day than 15 minutes once, so this helps me exercise. It might not be as efficient and healthy, but it works for me and I figure it's better than nothing.
Shams F.
How to keep going no matter what you feel pain and so done with it and cant do it and its a dream its not true for u and You feel very tired from trying for long periods of time without results … thanks for reading 🖤🦋✨