What is the best workout routine for loosing fat and maintaining muscle?

Tereza F.
I like to dance, and once upon a time I had like a DANCE FEVER. I dance everyday for like 3 hours and I lost a lot of fat that I gained over spring.
Heinz Q.
for me, looking for apps that will give you workouts depending on what you want to achieve, works the best as it is a stable routine that you just have to follow!
Karla X.
It mostly depends on your body type and your eating habits. I would recommend joining a sport that you enjoy to become more active, and help you commit to exercise.
Callum T.
I di household choresoke broooming, mopping, washing clothes by hands etc. Also I do running, jogging, pushups, pull ups. I add protein to my diet and decrease unwanted fats and calories. I never cut on my food as it developed dark circles, weakness and Dizinnes in body. Better do exercise with a healthy diet.