does anybody have any advice for using the exercise bikes at the gym? like a routine for when I’m on them? I get bored easily, so spending a long time on them isn’t really my cup of tea, and I don’t know what’s best for your body about going continuously or in intervals. thank you! x

Celine Q.
Yeah I’m totally with you. I get bored from running and cycling also. I found that jumping rope is the best exercise for me. It also burns just as many calories, if not more than those exercises. I find it entertaining to try new tricks and techniques
Juliana P.
Great question! Intervals will always give you the most bang for your buck. There are tons of ways to do them but the bottom line is this: for intervals to be effective, you have to GO HARD and the shorter the workout, the more intense it needs to be.
*You can raise intensity by:
1) increasing the resistance
2) increasing the speed
3) Increasing the duration of your working interval (the part where you're going hard!)
4) decreasing the duration of your resting interval (the part where you dial the intensity wayyyy back)

*Determining your intensity:
On the working interval you want to going as hard and as fast as possible.
On your resting intervals you will keep moving but dial the intensity wayyy back (if on stationary bike, this could be peddling at a slow to mocreate pace with zero resistance.

Start with a 20 minute session. Use the first 5 minutes to warm up and then complete the remaining 15 minutes in intervals using a 1:2 work:rest ratio. (Go hard for 1 minute, recover for 2 minutes, repeat for 15 mins.)
The further into your workout you get, the more you're going to need those 2 minute rest periods!
Try this ratio for a bit and if it starts to get easy or you start to get bored, play around with the work:rest ratio to stay challenged and engaged.
If you have any questions along the way, im more than happy to help. DM me on IG (@coach_rhi).
Good luck!!

Arthur Y.
My best advice would be to save up some cash and buy anactul bike. It gives you an actual excitement about the process. Instead of doing it because you have to, you start riding because you want to. To have joy. Certainly worked for me.
Birgid E.
I always try to multitask with any cardio. You’re right it gets mind numbing if that’s all you’re doing.
I’m a big fan of audiobooks and have “read” hundreds of books in times that are usually wasted, like driving, doing housework, long drives traveling, etc. makes the time go by quickly.

Another thing I do is brainstorm and plan. I’ve found a lot of insights planning my third book and planning for my future(although my handwriting while riding is not the best).

As for me I’m trying to burn fat so I’ve heard the best is alternating high and low intensity intervals.

Carl W.
I haven’t done this but I plan to, but there is an app called Aptiv that have cycling programs, kind of like Peloton without the screen. You can try? There are free programs of aptiv through audible too.
Oliver F.
You have to make sets for yourself like open a timer and do a few minutes of warmup, followed by resistance training, sprints, etc. Or make a game out of it. I like to follow the drops and the beat of my music. I use the music as a distraction and a catalyst to push myself.
Ashley O.
I found that there are already made up mix playlist for doing that. It not only gets me energized but also helps me discover new music. Also, the rhythm on the tubes help me keep the pace. Try out! Good luck!
Kunibert J.
It depends on your goals. Steady cardio training (going continuously) is better to develop endurance, for example if you're training for a race. To increase overall fitness or burn calories, intervals are absolutely the way to go! Mix up sprints with active rest, for example 30 seconds sprint standing up on the bike in high gear, followed by 30 seconds seated slow pedalling in low gear. Good luck!
Branca A.
Just do 15 minutes higher speed, it's equivalent to a mile. Can be as effective as a 30 minute workout. It'll be over before you know it! Great results.
Ella W.
Most of the time when I am on one, I live to listen to music or watch a tv show. This make the exercise more fun and enjoyable. I also don’t get bored as easily!
Miroslawa U.
Going in intervals is definitely the best. And try to do it for a higher intensity in less time. This is called HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training). Search on YouTube for HIIT workouts that look fun for you 🙂
Angela Z.
Depends on what your goal is! Are you trying to get leaner? Build your endurance? Just add cardio to your normal workout? Once you know that, you can choose from one of the preprogrammed routines on the bike, or look some up online. As for boredom- you can watch movies on your phone while you bike, or listen to audiobooks!
Denise T.
Hi! Try watching sitcoms on your mobile phone or tablet while training. But as for me, more then bikes I like ellipsoid (elliptical trainer), it is not so boring and you can train to music, I do it with air pods.
Sophia T.
I’m a personal trainer. I say always do intervals it burns more calories in a shorter amount of time . Do 1 min high intensity 2 min low intensity do that for 10 -15 min and you are good to go
Isobel Z.
Hey, i'm doing bike at my gym quite often. Your routine depends on your goal. For Me it's Just 30 minutes high-tempo ride. I get bored easy Just as you do, so i take my e-book with me. I don't even go without it. Read and ride!