What is the lowest barrier form of exercise or activity that gets you moving on days when you feel too tense, too busy, or inversely too lazy to break a sweat?

Chloe J.
It is absolutely freezing where I live, and I’ve been going on 2 mile walks for my exercise in the morning. I bundle up as best I can and get myself outside. I would say 3 or 4 minutes into my walk I’ve forgotten how much I didn’t want to go on a walk and I’m just enjoying the world around me!
Shelly N.
Walking to music. Outside or treadmill. Music makes everything better. At night, a slower walk on the treadmill watching a show. That way, I’m still getting my TV viewing, but just not on a couch.
To make sure my walks don’t get stagnant, I go to different parks or neighborhoods, when I walk outside.
Might seem simplistic, but new scenery is also a great way to keep motivated.
Anelia X.
Zumba or Bulgarian traditional dances. Even when I feel like staying at home and do nothing, the moment I think of the music, the energy I receive, I just get up and go to the gym.
Emma E.
Nechápu moc otázku, sle nejlepší je pro uvolnění asi běh. Nebo joga, ale joga s lidmi, nw před televizi v tomhle. Debilnim čase
Elena S.
Stretching or yin yoga is the best. Sometimes even changing into workout clothes or rolling out my mat is challenging. On those days I just start to stretch and do some yin yoga poses. I can feel my body moving and after 15-20 mins I feel refreshed.
Juca F.
To be honest and this is not for everybody:I go skate on the streets with music. It clears my head and also is good cardio
Beatriz Q.
I'll just walk around and stretch my body at an open place to get warmth. The most lazy that I could do is some yoga steps on my bed 🙂 I feel calm and ready to sleep again HAHAHAHAHAHA