How do you exercise?

Najee O.
Just go play. You can do continuous exercise by keep going or quick workouts with short breaks. You can even just do a fee minutes and get hugr benifits. Its dramatic
Madalina P.
Just a warm-up. Also, I live in a four storey building, so for 10 minutes i run the stairs up and down, two-by-two. I do this because I am trying to keep my behind in some shape. Also, I walk everywhere, even if it takes an hour. I don't go to the gym because it's expensive, far from my place and i end up paying and not going. Today i plan to buy a yoga mat, download one of those gamified aerobics apps and start working out to target belly fat and tone my arms. Hei, if you are reading this, best of luck! I am sending you good vibes and want to remind you not to doubt yourself. Hugs!
Abi J.
I do the 7 minute workout to start of with and then I usually pick a second exercise. Running is my favourite but I also sometimes swim, or do Ring Fit Adventure on the Switch. Whatever I have the time and equipment to do.
Corinna G.
As I'm just starting to get into exercising I'll do something easy like yoga routine with meditation 🧘‍♂️ It is only 10 minutes long but really refreshes me in the morning. As I get more accustomed to exercise I'll increase the intensity.
Celina O.
I run because I love it, but if running doesn't sound enjoyable to you, you should find something that does. I also like stretching, yoga, talking short walks, and dancing around my house to get my body moving.
Elien U.
I do exercises which are supposed to train my left knee which got damaged two years ago. I'm supposed to do 4 sets of 5 exercises: cocontraction, squats, balancing, sliding backwards and sliding sidewards. I can almost do one whole set so I'm not there yet. Once I can do them all without hurting my knee, I'll also start jogging. Instead I now do the 5-10 min walk with my boyfriend each morning.
Est V O E.
I exercise based on how my body feels. I checkin and see what I feel like I can handle for the day. Once I start the activity I try to push myself harder.
Mikayla U.
With a youtube video! On a day where I feel like doing something light, I'll follow along a yoga video or maybe if I really want to work a certain part of my body or get sweaty, I'll search up a harder one. There's plenty out there!
Angela P.
I used to do tons of things, mainly CrossFit and distance biking. This summer it’s been mainly walking with some of the fabulous downloads too. I’m out of shape so I’m doing the challenge to get on track.
Sienna X.
I tend to exercise with my sister because she works out almost everyday but, if i don’t do it with her, i do it in my room on the floor. I don’t do too much but doing a little bit still makes me feel better.
Allan T.
Rowing machine, martial arts, yoga-asana, 7 minutes all body workout, HIIT/ tabata. Walking, cycling, body weights. Bar bells, dumbells, bullworker
Nikki N.
I choose to exercise first thing in the morning. It helps me to energize and get on with my day. I like to run because it helps me to focus on my breathing. I also like 2 work with weights because it helps me build strength. And I like to do yoga because it helps me relax my muscle and build flexibility. I attempt to work out three to five times a week to maintain my fitness level. I really listen to my body because it will tell me the type of exercise I need for the day.