How do you motivate yourself to exercise on bad days?

Hercules S.
How I motivate myself to exercise on “bad days”, is by committing to working out for just 5 mins. By setting a smaller commitment time, I take the pressure off myself. Usually by the end of 5 minutes, my body is awake, alert, and actually begging me to continue working out.
Silja F.
I tell myself "instead of ten pull-ups, maybe I'll just do one or two". But once I'm in position, I find myself thinking I might as well do them all.
Naja Y.
Well I don't not know myself. Today I also I didn't felt to exercise. I woke up today at 10 because today was a holiday I felt like lets go and watch something on mobile but then a tought came into my mind is it making me ahead on my dreams is it helping me to move on my path so I thought only for minute but let's exercise
Flenn E.
By putting on a good song, taking a cold shower and setting the bar low- if 5 minutes is all that you can muster up the courage to do, then do 5 minutes.