How to manage exercise with kids? After school day they are tired and so am I, but we should all get some exercise. Any ideas?

Matilde Q.
Hi i'm sorry but I don't know were you live and how it works there, when do they come home?? In my country we go to school just in the morning so I've always practised at least 1 sport after school whithout any problem sins the age of 3, so if they come home not too late I would suggest you to enroll your kids to some kind of activities with a group of pairs (cause I really enjoid it so they may like it too) and if they come home really late didn't they already do some sort of sport at scholl?? And in case they didn't if i were you i would just play some games in which they can be active (run, gump…) with them or maybe do some light stretching (always done as a game for litlle kids) befor bed to relax a bit together. I hope it helps a bit
Vincent T.
I think exercising in the evening will work for them
As,their school ends in the afternoon they can get rest and then in the evening they will be able to exercise.