What type of light exercise is okay and good for while you are sick?

Robert G.
Dont exercise when you’re sick. Rest and get well first. If you have to do something then you should go for a walk or do some light yoga at home.
Amauri N.
It depends on how sick you are (and I hope you feel better soon!). The best thing to do is ask your doctor. In the meantime, according to WebMD.com, a good rule of thumb is that if you are sick above the neck (sore throat, nasal congestion, sneezing, tearing eyes), and you feel better when you take a remedy, then it's probably ok to exercise. Take it easy, focus on going for a walk or doing yoga. Listen to your body, stop when you're tired, and be careful if you have dizziness from cold medications.
If you are sick below the neck (coughing, body aches, fever, fatigue), then it's time to rest and take care of yourself. Exercising with a fever can raise your core body temperature even higher, which can make you even more sick.
I find that a good way to exercise when I feel terrible is to lie in bed and stretch all my muscles out, slowly and gently; wiggle toes and fingers, everything. Slow, gentle stretching can help with the stiffness and jitters of being sick in bed.
Until you get better, stay away from the gym (don't want to spread the bug or pick up a new one!), wash your hands often, eat healthy foods, and drink plenty of fluids. Remember that Recovery Days are an important part of fitness. You'll be on the go again in no time!
Donz Lio Q.
Some light stretching and maybe jogging on the spot, if you feel up to it. Listening to your body when you're sick is more important than sticking to your usual exercise.
Lenny O.
REST is a part of self-care. When we get sick its usually because we ran ourselves down, were overwhelmed, and/or emotionally or mentally drained etc. when we are in this state, we make our immune system vulnerable. Please be gentle and kind to your temple (mind & body) and rest in a clean, relaxing, airy environment.
Noah W.
I would recommends yoga. It’s light, but a stretch and makes you feel good. But only do as much as you’re comfortable with.
Vanessa Y.
Whatever you feel comfortable with, you know your body best so just listen to it. If its just cold walking in park or woods is best.
Heinz Wilhelm Q.
Yoga and/or stretching. You are still taking time to focus on your body and to increase flexibility, without waisting the energy that you don't have when you're sick.
Waldin Lia C.
Light weight lifting.

Would still be good exercises since they help your cells in the body to increase the activity and energy to fight back with disease.

Erin O.
Not sure. I will search it up. I think lighter cardio is better because cardio is tiring and having stuffy nose makes it hard to breathe while jogging.
Nelson O.
Don't excercise while your sick, sleep is what it needs! Get better and then excercise, it's not a difficult concept to grasp.
Leana P.
Walking either outside or on a treadmill if you have one. Sometimes a walk outside can give you the time to figure out if you actually are sick or have a headache or what.
Meire P.
Exercise while sick can be tricky. Some suggest that it can help you fight off colds faster, while other researchers suggest that it can weaken your immune system. I let to use yoga to rest my body, keep it stretched and relaxed while sick.
Carla R.
No exercise when you are running a fever 🤒
If not contagious, swimming is great and easily adapted to your level of exercise.
Also you can look up chair exercises on youtube
Gail F.
when you are sick try some easy yoga or just stretch yourself 🙂 don’t do any cardio. Never. You will feel extra sick afterwards. Hope that helped♥️
Enzo Z.
Go to bed and get better! Don’t put your body under undue stress.
When your better just do light exercise like walking and stretching and slowly increase
Abel Z.
I think it depends on how sick- maybe light stretching in bed, leg lifts in bed, some light yoga stretching routine. I think almost anything gentle that will just help you keep your habit or just give yourself a break and rest so you can get well.