Does a quick 10 min run help at all? On busy mornings, that’s all the time I have.

Nina U.
Is the best thing to activate your brain because you make blood flow to your brain and you oxigenate it if you don't want to go out try skipping rope and some squat and stretching. The running should be great because you should do something that rises the heart bit. If you right 10 min workout on YouTube you will find plenty and the more suitable for you for rainy days

M Lissa T.
sure. it warms up the body, provides more oxygen, affects the blood flow. do it, it will definitely help you feel better.

Vicky T.
I don’t run, but my husband does and he likes to go on those short runs even if it’s not as long or as far as he’d like to do. I try to go on a short 5-10 minute walk if that’s all I have time for and it gets me out of the house and thinking about taking care of myself more which I enjoy.

C Ntia Q.
A morning 10 min run is more than just the running itself. It’s a time you allocate for yourself, for your body, for your mind, when there’s no one and nothing else requiring your attention, when you have to focus on your breath and your movement, when you help your mind to learn to compartmentalize, to divide and conquer. That’s a very important 10 min interval of your day. Time doesn’t become available because it happened, it becomes available because we make it happen.

Phil F.
Yes. Especially if you do intervals: run up a small hill or incline and walk down. Repeat for 10 mins. This will do wonders for your metabolism for the rest of The day and it will strengthen your heart and trigger anti-aging hormones. It will also give you a boost of dopamine and serotonin that will follow you through The Day. 10 min run is a daily Victory!

Max T.
I wouldn’t know about a 10 minute run but an eight minute walk does good. Just to get my body moving feels good, and let my eyes see the flowers and trees in the neighborhood feels good too.

Lee P.
Yes, even 10 minutes is helpful. Part of it is consistency, if you're doing it ever day even at a minimum, you're helping build and shape your habits. The other part is the health aspect, even 10 minutes of elevating your heart rate is helpful

Florence C.
Of course it helps! I hv busy morning too, so I just do 10 minutes stretching/workout. Actually I will hv extra time if I get up earlier, but It's hard for me to do that

Victoria F.
Oh my gosh, a 10 minute run absolutely helps! I've gone through very fit years when this was almost all I did. If you do want to mix it up sometimes, doing 10 minutes of HIIT or the "7 minute exercise" could be ways of keeping it fresh. And maybe you might find some 10 minute bodyweight routines you like. But if not? Don't be down on yourself! The best exercise plan is one you can stick to, and a ten minute run a day is awesome.

Catherine E.
In my opinion, 10 minutes of exercise is better than none! If you feel great afterwards and it helps give you lore energy for the rest of the day, I would keep doing it!

Erika O.
What matters is making the time to do it and sticking to your decision. If ten minutes is all you can do, there’s no point in beating yourself up about it. There’s nothing that can be done to change it. Don’t do yourself an injustice by stopping because you feel as if you should be doing more according to someone else standard. What you do is for YOU and no one else.

I read ten pages of a book a day. When faced with a 400+ paged book, ten pages makes very little difference. What was important to me, however, was the fact that I made time to read. Not how much I was reading. Since starting my ten-a-day reading regimen I’ve finished more books than I thought I would, and I’ve definitely read more than if I had stopped. So don’t give up!

Do what you can. If you really feel you should be doing more, see if you can wake up a little earlier or cut out other habits. If you can't, stick to ten minutes until you have the ability to do more. You can even look at your ten minute jog as you keeping in shape for when you do more then ten minutes in the future. But don't give up!

Stella P.
Never ever, not for me. I feel sick just the thought of it….others it may work for, not me. If I could canoe shopper doooo

Hans Gerhard Q.
I think some sort of active movement in the morning is good to maintain. Whatever it is you do just do something consistently to get the blood moving every morning.

Augusta T.
According to the Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee 2018, ten minutes of vigorous or 20 minutes moderate exercise six days a week confer measurable health benefits and is associated with greater longevity

Melco C.
Of course! It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out thing. 10 minutes is more than enough, and just puting in the time is what counts. It’s not about how long you do it for, it’s reinforcing the habit that matters right now. Good luck on your journey!!

Ruben T.
I don’t run so I don’t know. But I love the quick work quick routine that fabulous put on. Maybe include music in would be even better.

Mads A.
It really depends on so many things. But it’s always better to do something for your health than not to do. I prefer walking to running.

Ross S.
It's better than doing no exercise. Also you will be able to run further within the same time. Additionally, it's the routine you are building and the perseverance to keep going with it.

Chlo F.
It's great that you have 10 min in the morning! Anyway simething better than nothing. On your place I would did some exercises home