Is it easier to work out every day or every other day?

Silje Z.
Definitely every day! If I was to leave it to every other day, I don't think I would do it at all. The last few mornings have been difficult; I really haven't wanted to exercise! I've done it though- because I know it's part of my routine and I have to.
Nicolai T.
To me its easier to work out every day because like that you can get used to it and later it wont be that hard. If you want you can have one rest day so you font give up easily
Lindiwe C.
It’s easier for me to work out every day. Despite the fact that I want to workout everyday, sometimes I just can’t. So instead I replace it with some stretching just to get my blood flowing.
Prisca B.
For me what i find easier is working out every day at least week days. When i drop off my kids at school by 7:20 am then i head to the gym and spend maximum of 1 hour. I do this Monday-Friday i take the weekend off to relax.