How do you motivate yourselves?

George Armstrong
I just simply think of how much better I will become. I wanted to change and replace my bad habits with good ones and become a better person, more positive person and more mature. Just think of your goal and work on it to make it come true. If you don't work hard for what you want, don't expect it to come true. And of course, it is okay to skip it if it's really not your day and you can't do these things, but don't try to make an excuse just so you won't be doing it. It's okay to skip it when it's really hard, but don't turn that to being lazy.

Eldirene Ribeiro
When I find myself talking myself out of exercising (going to the gym, running, yoga, anything) I list the reasons I NEED to be active, how it makes me a better Mom, a better employee, a better me. How much better I feel after a workout (physically and emotionally).

Tracy Fuller
I try to define my aspirations and associated desired outcomes. One part of that is setting a goal that is challenging, but not impossible. However, whichever goal I set, it has to be meaningful to me. Exercising more, without understanding why, doesn’t make sense to me. If I’m about to do something that I haven’t done before, I try to break it down into small steps, so I can feel successful in the beginning. After a while, I try increasing the challenge in order to take the next step, or to not get bored. And then, I guess, concisouly or not, I try setting up incentivs and rewards for myself. They might be social, emotional, physical or otherwise. In the end, instead of relying on motivation (which changes), it’s about start doing and celebrating small successes.

Gerlind Nadler
I take it one step at a time I'll first get into my work out clothes, I'll tell myself I can do a quick stretch. Once I have completed worming up my body than I dedicate the next 10 min to work out. I put the 7min workout on fabulous and wala all done. Also watching my husband work out motivated me to work out.

Edwin Bradley
I chose something that I really love to do, and can accomplish in my home. I chose dancing because its fun, doesnt need any special equipment, and aligns with my goals of becoming more expressive, and becoming more in tune with my body.

Gonzaga Caldeira
Set a goal that you want to achieve so badly that every amount of work you do to get there feels small compared to how you know you’ll feel when you get there

Marlene Franklin
I try to set a goal and then I work towards that goal. Setting a goal motivates me to accomplish the goal I’ve set. I also watch videos or listen to motivational speeches to get me thinking positive things.

Angie Fields
I imagine myself after months of daily excerxise, a fit, beautiful, healthy and energetic person. Doing this before excercising motivates me. Another crucial way to keep motivated is to make your excercise fun. Play some of your favourite tunes, try a dabce class and vary the excercise you do. It is also important to celebrate your efforts after completing a workout, so your mind associates excercise with a positive emotion. Hope I could help!

Oliver Schütt
I act as if I am already motivated. Action creates motivation. I am telling myself "If I was already motivated, what would I do?" Then I do it.

Mathéo Chevalier
I'm trying to answer this question myself! Routine helps but my work doesn't always allow that. Remembering how much better I feel fitter is probably the key motivator.

Erika Murphy
Sometimes when I feel bore, I use to read some books eg.pariksha yash ,shikhar ,etc which help to me to get motivate. Also if phone is available at home I see some motivational videos whi had and will help me in the future.Now I am searching for new.
Shall you help me?

Harper Jensen
It is all mental. You have to tell yourself "I do not want to work out and I should" instead of "but". Remember why you are doing it and decide if you would rather have the pain or working out or the pain of not.