For those who go to the gym, how do you motivate yourselves to go? Do you go out of your way to get there?

My A.
Well due to vivid we can't go out but a friend a mine always said that you will be more driven to go there if there's someone with you. It's like a responsibility because you made a promise NOT ONLY to yourself BUT to YOUR FRIENDS
Silas F.
I would recommend them to make it fun ,
Don’t look at it as a gym as something hard to do but look at it like it’s something super fun and really do it and make it fun for yourself.
Be aware that No one forces you to go to the gym , it’s your own decision , and you’re probably doing it for some reasons ,you may want to not be a couch potato anymore(just trying to be funny)you know you don’t want to do same old things every day and every day and starting a sport can be a good change for your old tiresome so called life cycle,or your purpose can be something very different it does not matter .
What matters is that you stepped into it for some reasons.
And I also want to say that do it the way that you enjoy it and don’t push or force yourself to have some specific shape or to able to say yes I go to the gym to,but just enjoy it .
While you’re exercising just pay attention to your moves ,your feelings , and just enjoy it without any purpose.
And when ever you didn’t get any result like having abs or such a things just forget them.
You are doing it just because you enjoy it.
At the end I want to add something, if there is something that needs any motivation to be done , then that thing means nothing.
I mean I give an example from myself , I do have plants and I really do like to take care of them,I talk with them i it next to them and sometimes just observe them in a complete silence sometimes I go to farms to get soil for them and these things needs a lot of effort,but i don’t do it for any purpose ,I don’t force myself to do it,I don’t need any motivation to do it.
So it never gets boring for me,cause I enjoy it,otherwise I would be bored and forget about all those plants.
So you may find something such as having a body that is in shape or I don’t know build a muscles or everything that you need a motivation to do it as a purpose ,
But don’t forget as long as you don’t enjoy ,
Your motivations will get old and meaningless and after a time you will go back to your same old cycle.
There might be many sports that you would just enjoy doing them and do them without any motivation and even purpose.
Amir U.
I dont go to the gym. I just do what I could to get myself sweats at home or jog around the neighborhood. After a meal, it is hard not to do something else. So I dedicated the time after beeakfast as an exercise.
Erika Y.
Personally I have a home gym, so it's easier for me than others. It's good to pre-prepare your workout routine and set aside a time to get there. Otherwise, you won't get to it.
Georgia I.
I used to go to the gym pre-pandemic. Now I find it’s better for me to do my workouts at home. Now I love in an apartment so it’s really small but all I need is a yoga mat sized space
Alan F.
I feel it’s all about who your with and the motivation the person gives you. Also you have to adapte if your waking up early to go the gym! You need to have discipline to do this everyday or at least a couple days a week. I started out small by working out with my big sister and now it’s a daily thing and I still do it everyday with my sister and it’s gotten me stronger and stronger everyday !
Chloe N.
I have to keep reminding myself why I want to go and what I would get out of it rather than sitting in bed all day doing nothing.