When you are a chronic pain patient, how do you exercise on days that the pain flares up?

Janna G.
Try to do a very low intensity workout. Maybe just stretch or dance in place. If it's too painful that's ok. You dont have to.
Felicia Q.
Don’t make your definition of exercise too narrow. First of all, any movement is going to help with pain, so start from this foundation. Gentle stretching, a one minute walk several times a day, three minutes of yoga, take baby steps. Breathing is exercise. Standing up is exercise. Don’t limit your view of the value of more movement
Sara B.
I find that when I am having pain movement helps. SometimeS it helps the body other times it helps the mind. I start with the exercise I usually do, if that is too painful then I start reducing the intensity. I try to stay with the length. If reducing the intensity is not enough they I reduce the length in 5 min increments. It is really important that I listen to my body but not be fooled by my head.
Umut Q.
I tried to do breath exercises for relaxing and flaring to the pain and think about that as soon as possible it will pass it's just a temporary situation.
Iwan P.
When my back pain is particularly troubling, I take some Advil and then take a walk, which calms me down and gives me the bare minimum of exercise I need.
Jo G.
You don't. You have to listen to the signals your body is giving you. A flare up is your body's way of telling you it needs rest. Focus on other healthy routines like meditation, journaling, reading. You can't do it all, all of the time.
Eloane O.
The important thing to remember that a small movement will be beneficial! Start by standing up. Maybe sway your hips side to side- opening up your low back/pelvis. Maybe you can only do this sitting down, side to side, or sliding your hands forward to your knees. Movement is key.
Adila X.
I've had chronic back pain ever since giving birth and that was what s preventing me from working out. But once I started working out, I've noticed that the pain is very less. That motivates me to work out. In days that the pain is more, I ask my trainer to concentrate lesser were the pain is and more on other parts
Dulce Z.
I've been struggling with sciatic nerve pain resulting from a back injury for a year now. I excercise every day. When pain flares up, I scale back the intensity. Yoga has changed my life. As long as I get on mat everyday I am doing something. I may just lie there and meditate if pain is severe, and if I can, I do more. Slow and steady.
Dagn U.
My pain is in my hands. I am a hairdresser and that is my passion. On really bad days when the pain is almost overwhelming I remember my self that I could never give my passion up.
I take my pain meds, drink water. Then I take a hot shower and try to stretch my hands as much as I can then I do my workout.
In the end i could never do this without my passion for my work
Shanna Q.
Stretching or work out different areas that you ate able to without the pain. For example if ypur legs and back hurt when standing, do a seated arm workout
Rebecca S.
It depends on how bad the pain is. My chronic pain is in my left heel region so if it's too bad, I have to keep it elevated and exercise is off the table. Otherwise I do a low or no impact workout.
Harriet E.
I change up my routine. I do have chronic back and knee pain. On days when the pain is unbearable, I would do low impact or stretches to target my knee and back pain. Stretching is still exercise.
Giulliana G.
I have three spinal prolapses so I live with constant pain… in days the pain is super high I try to stretch myself or to do exercises with warm water, because it will relax my muscles! I also try to remember the exercise could be painful for a while but after I will feel better.
Izzy N.
i like to start with small stretches before i even get out of bed. while everything is still warm. then i’ll get out of bed and focus on hygiene before going to exercise. on day there’s more pain, on top of stretching out before getting out of bed, i also do some extra stretches for that specific area and i’ll target that area for muscle building to prevent it from hurting later.
Walentina A.
Maybe try out many different types of light exercise (maybe even in water?) and see if there is anything that is tolerable. Maybe also look into nutrition to help with chronic pain.