Do you have any tips for a beginning runner?

Laynee Z.
I’m not sure if I should have a say in this, because I have joint issues that prevent me from running, but my advice would be to start small. Short jogs can turn into long runs. Or if you want, start with a power walk. Just make sure not to overextend yourself right away.
Evalyn N.
Start small just running 10 minutes then gradually build up and running at faster paces. If you ever feel like giving up… DON’T!!! You can do this push yourself! If you need help get a friend to run with you and together start the journey!
Jay L.
Don't forget to eat before running, with me my vision turns black and I felt sick when I did not eat and also do some stretching before and after workout and please don't forget to start with small lengths and increase it as time passes