Do you count yoga as exercise?

Mia C.
Yes sure. I think yoga could help everyone to fell better mentally and physically. You learn to Be more calm, peaceful but also be more stretch and healthier.

Christina Q.
Yoga is definitely an exercise but what most people do is only the stretching part of yoga. So, if you are also going to do only 'stretching yoga', it is advisable to also combine a little cardio, breathing and strength exercise in your routine.

Joyce F.
I do, however I categorize most workouts into two categories: low intensity and high intensity. I would definitely put yoga in the low intensity category. I count it as exercise because you are moving your body and training your muscles (just in a different way).

Howard T.
Yes! I count everything I do with my body besides sitting, lying down, and walking for purposes of daily living activities. That means sometimes I don’t get very much exercise, and sometimes I get the right amount. It’s important to maintain your streak even when the only exercise you can do is a one minute workout. Also, different people have different needs. If you are under-alert Without strenuous exercise or at least something that gets your blood pumping to your brain, then it’s not good to skip the cardiovascular. If you’re an over anxious person, walking and yoga could be just what you need to calm down enough to give you your best focus.

Rigo O.
Yes, I have come to learn that it is but one tool in my arsenal… sometimes very necessary for the others (like recently when my body is acting rusty)… and other times enhanced by other modalities (who knew strength training would make my yoga routine more flexible)

Jacob O.
No, I do not. Yoga is healthyt, that is for sure, hut it does not bring your heartrate up, it even brings IT down. IT is exercise die the mind, not for the body.

Anna Y.
Yes! I have definitely done yoga that was a real workout. Also, yoga is flexible enough for you to right-size it to your skill level, fitness level and the amount of time you have to spend.

Cameron R.
Absolutely, yes! Whether it’s basic stretching or full on flows, it’s moving your body with the intention of changing or creating a feeling be it mentally, physically, spiritually, or all of the above. You are moving your body, getting your blood flowing, oxygenating your extremities, and so on. Yoga is definitely exercise.

Javier O.
I believe that it can be. It absolutely strengthens and stretches parts of your body that aren’t necessarily able to be reached by other activities. There are many different forms of yoga, obviously, and some of them feel more productive (in terms of toning and shaping my body) than others do. However in any case it is still an activity that I would do to support my in other forms of exercise as well as to relax and increase my flexibility.

Tobias P.
Yes yoga can be count as exercise but it has to practice carefully and has start slowly and gradually practice advanced yoga

Alix Q.
I would count yoga as excercising, most poses if done properly engage the strength of your muscles. I would not count it as cardio excersise,and I would not count the breathing/meditation pha that you when starting/finishing yoga excercise

Laurine S.
Amm movement is excellent. It depends on your yoga session. I do gentle AM yoga for 15 mins. I dont count that as exercise.

Mads U.
Yes. Not all exercise is cardiovascular in nature. The body control and strength required in some forms of yoga is more beneficial to overall health than many traditional forms of exercise

Tonya J.
Yes I do. Yoga focuses on balance and stability, which is something most people forget. And it builds strength as well.
Without stability you can't use your strength efficiently.
And you will get your heart beating and your blood flowing and it gives you better posture.
So yes! Yoga is a great way of excercise!

Leonid A.
Yes, absolutely. Yoga is An excellent form of exercise in that you can choose the intensity at which you’d like to work out. It allows you to not only exercise physically but also mentally. Learning to breathe through yogic exercise is an excellent form of training and also grounding yourself into your day

Matt E.
I think anything that gets you moving and has physical benefits counts- so yes! Every exercise has specific benefits and everyone should consider those benefits when choosing their daily exercise. Yoga will give you benefits that running won’t and vice versa. Pick the type of exercise that fulfills your goal!

Volker Y.
Yoga is most definitely exercise! It can range from low intensity (focus on breathing) to high intensity (like bikram yoga (hot yoga))…it works your core, increases flexibility, and burns calories. Ultimately yoga is exercise for mind, body, and soul; a win-win in my opinion! I always feel rejuvenated after each session. Hope this helps!

Emilie A.
It depends on the type of yoga. If it is power yoga or vinyasa Flow then yes, otherwise it is more stretching and relaxing.

Maureen Y.
Sure, why not? Stretching and breathing is a form of exercise. I've just started following videos online for simple routines and it makes a big difference in how I feel the rest of the day.

Hanna C.
It depends on the kind of practice. If it's a practice that makes me sweat, then yes. If it's just stretching or meditation, then no. I consider Sun Salutation, for example, as exercise.

Evi T.
Definitely! Yoga is a great excercise! I find that I get the most out of yoga when I watch a class online, or in person, instead of leading myself in a practice, but either way I find it highly beneficial.

Fred F.
Yes absolutely because it uses your body and over time regular practice will make you stronger and more flexible. However whether it’s right for you would depend on your exercise goals and the type of yoga that you practice.

Norma S.
I count yoga as stretching and strengthening so yes I count it as exercise. I don’t count it as cardio exercise though.

Johan U.
Not really because I’m not burning any calories but I do it to stretch Ansbach to build better endurance for the real heavy weight workouts

Felix P.
Yes. Many times after yoga I have sore muscles . Of course first 2-3 courses you might not feel it as you are not used to the exercises. Is amazing for maintaining you fit , I would say

Anna O.
Yes, exercise is any form in which you get your body moving. Yoga is only a light form of exercise but it still has great benefits too it! There are many types of yoga and they can all help with different things. Yoga is definitely a good way to get some stretching and workout in while also relaxing!