I don’t like exercising in front of a lot of people, so I tend to avoid gym and do pilates, yoga, and HIIT exercise at home. Is there any other type of exercise that you would suggest for an individual?

Leta J.
I totally agree! I think as long as you have a big space and somewhere you can exercise doing it at home is absolutely fine. I like to think of things that I can't do yet, for example the splits, and I train to be bale to do them. I have an app on how to do the splits in 15 days and that helps me. HIIT workouts are amazing but if you are looking for something a bit different I love cardio. You can get YouTube videos on different cardio exercises or make it up yourself. Dancing is really good for you too. It also makes me feel good. If dancing isn't your thing then just jumping to a song and going a bit crazy never goes wrong
Susann U.
I really enjoy aerobics and yoga. If you don’t mind paying a monthly fee I would suggest you to try Cyberobics. There are a lot of great videos on the platform and you can choose from a lot of sports, like yoga, ballett, box, spinning, hip-hop and so on.