How do you make your exercise routine stick?

Elio Z.
as I don't have much to do in this period exercising is one of the few things that keeps me active, so I really don't have to be that motivated. I still hadn't had any lazy day since I started

Charles P.
Well I start slow by jumping and moving all part of my body as it get easy I follow up steps that comes to mind as long as I keep my body moving nonstop .
It goes on and on till it happens on its own

Emil C.
I make my exercise routine stick by doing the minimum. I know that sounds crazy, but for someone like me, it really works. I plan out when it’s the best time for me to exercise. On some days, it’s in the morning right after breakfast, and on others, it’s in the evening right before I wind down for bed. As long as I start slow and steady, and know my pace, I’m good to go! I make it stick by not overachieving and looking at exercise as a plus for me and me only. This is not a competition with the whole world.

Salma M.
First I do need inspiration and then I go for it. You need to make your goal but to achieve it you need something that can push yourself if you're lazy like me. And then I do I for myself saying that I love myself,I love my body,I like to be chubby,I like to be slim, I like to be what it want and go for it. So if you want to stick to your exercise,make sure you really want it. You couldn't make it,does mean that you never wanted to be fit. If you want it,you have to do it. Start small. When you think you can't do it anymore then give yourself a rest. But don't give up. Try to talk to yourself at your way,why you want to do it,how much it is important. Make sure you want it before you jump into it. Thank you 🙂

Alicia N.
With compassion and forgiveness with your self when you get into a funk. A good support network who encourages you to keep going and an exercise journal so you can look back and see how far you have come.

Cass N.
I remember how good it feels knowing i accomplished something that brought me closer to goals i have set for myself. It’s that one small step I take toward it every morning that brings me closer, not a miracle or immediate change but one small decision to listen to my inner voice saying “Wake up, let’s do this!”. I listen to the quiet voice speaking positively instead of the loud one screaming about not going for it because i want “more sleep”.

Johan F.
Determine how you want to FEEL. Then explore different activities until you find one that feels closest to that. Make sure it’s enjoyable so you’ll do it even when you don’t feel like “working out” Start small. Don’t try going from nothing to hour-long high, intensity workouts. Start with a small goal – like 7 minutes a day. It may feel too small but it’s realistic and easier to build off of. It’s consistency more than anything that will create this habit.

Tuvshee B.
I focus on the great feeling I get afterwards, and I set goals such as "become stronger, faster, better". Not a certain final outcome.

Rachel T.
I used to tell myself that I am too tired and i don’t feel like working out. After a long time of just telling myself that over and over, I finally decided that i just am gonna have to push myself even if I don’t want to.