How should you change your workout routine after getting used to it?

Charlotte T.
One thing could be to increase the difficulty of the workout routine. This could be putting in weights of elastic bands which will push you into more strength training. By doing this it will take you a while to get use to the difficulty which can be challenging mentally and physically but with practice and routine it can become easier
Caleb E.
Hi you!
I think if you start to get used to your workout routine then you should change some exercise with others that are a bit harder!
Leidy Z.
You should try something more challenging that helps you to keep the rhythm of your life. Just find something that makes you happy and at the same time helps you to achieve more confidence
Den Sia P.
Start making workout part of my daily routine rather than every couple of days. Stretch more often (after workout, morning, night). Continue working on weaknesses (like arms).
Samrudhi F.
Try doing yoga for couple of days instead of the regular workout. Or try incorporating different exercises.or increasing the intensity of same routine.
Chloe E.
Hello friend! I’m Chloe! So I have am kind of struggling with the same thing, but so far what has been working for me, is staying motivated. Put it on a reminder app on your phone or device, set an alarm or anything that can help you remember. Next write it down somewhere and read it before you start you’re workout, during you’re workout, and after so it’s easier to remember. (Sorry about my grammar) I really hope this helps!! Remember stay motivated! You’ve got this! And if you accidentally start doing you’re old routine again, don’t put yourself down. It’s okay, everyone makes mistakes.