How long do you exercise for?

Ivo O.
In the morning I just like to take a few minutes to stretch my body and my articulations si I wold probably say 10 minutes or so; during the week I like to take an hour (twice x week) of really intense exercise

Annelise X.
15mins usually, what I'm doing is to take a walk of 10 to 15 mins, or put some good music and dance or go up and downstairs for 15mins

Savannah Q.
I excercise for 5-10 minutes because I don't wake up early enough to do longer and still get to school on time. On the weekends I want to do 15 to 30 minutes but I haven't got there yet

Susanna O.
Usually I exercise for about an hour or two!.
Before lockdown I used to like working up a sweat. Or until I felt the endorphins hit me! The best natural high!

Georgerenee W.
I am exercising for one hour as of Friday the 6th of March before that date I was exercising for only 30 minute for 30 days

Bertram E.
I usually stretch for 15 to 20 minutes every morning, it’s not often that I actually exercise and break a sweat, I do that almost once every 2 weeks, but when I do I do a 20 minute exercise.

Ana N.
Days I have to go to work afterwards I usually do around 8 minutes, days I have more times I usually do around 20 minutes
I also change between yoga and body weight exercises

Franka I.
I exercise in the morning for 10-20 min. I have found a playlist on youtube containing a playlist of short up to max 20min yoga practices which I allows me to work out in the morning.
Still, I try to squeeze a longer workout in the evening, but I can go about my day calmer knowing I already did at least something, so every other evening exercise I do because I want to, not thinking I NEED or HAVE TO exercise.

Ky O.
I typically exercise for 30 minutes at a time. Just long enough to get a solid workout in without dreading a long timeframe.

Tinie N.
I usually take out an hour of my time to exercise though I don’t spend the whole hour exercising. I start my morning routine at 5am with drinking water. By 5.15am, I can start exercising. I’m a usually done by 5.45am unless I took too long to start my routine.

Jane A.
Still only 10 mins each morning.

( I have a Google Home routine that blasts workout music for ten minutes and starts a ten minute timer. When it works, it's great! )

I'm holding that steady until i get a good long streak.

Once I've really proven to myself that i can and will keep it up, I'm going to buy an elliptical trainer, because I know I can go half an hour on one without getting bored if I have the right kind of music at the right tempo in my ears.

Lillian S.
In the morning I exercise for 4 minutes, it's not too long to tire myself out but its still enough time to get the juices flowing and give me some energy for the rest of the day.

Rona Z.
On Sundays I work out for about an hour and a half and then during the week I do about a half an hour here and there if I take a walk. But if I take an online class it's roughly an hour.

Frederik Z.
It varies a lot. Usually about 5 to 15 minutes of gentle exercise each morning and about 30 to 60 minutes of more vigorous exercise at lunchtime.