How do you feel open and motivated?

Agatha Z.
I feel motivated when I’m listening to music. I listen to music in a daily basis and tbh I cant go a day without it. Music has helped me so much mentally. I feel open when also listening to music and working out or cleaning. These are just things that make my life feel a little more put together. I also enjoy writing down my feelings and ideas and journaling. <3
Taylor N.
To be honest, I have so much comfort in my life from K-pop that’s really saved me. Stray kids shows me to be myself. So that’s my advice, be yourself! And of course try out Kpop it’ll save you
Ondina Q.
In my opinion being open to other people is a very serious step to take since you are willing to share your deepest thoughts with them. I myself is comfortable discussing it with my friends because sometimes my parents would ignore my opinion and make it sound wrong. And lastly the motivation I’m getting everyday is peoples love and anger now you may ask why, well if the people around you cares and loves you and makes you do what you wanna do for the good of yourself you’ll feel good energy you will feel as if the time is your currency you spend it to make yourself stronger. And for the ones who hate me I just remind myself every time that there are people who are willing to take you down but they’re having trouble to take you down because they can’t keep up with the things you do. <3