Do you prefer to exercise before or after work?

Ali S.
Each morning before work I do a yoga routine mainly to stretch and prepare myself for the day ahead (a slow wake up really and a motivation to get out of bed). But more recently I’ve been going for a walk after work as well. No matter how tired or how awful the weather is. Although I find the motivation to do the walk after work more challenging I always find it much more rewarding as I can pat myself on the back and say ‘hey you know what well done you not only committed to doinga
Anyanwu Z.
I prefer to exercise after work that is during the evening. I am not the morning persons so I find it very difficult to wake up that early for exercise.
Sameera C.
I would prefer to exercise after work because it relives stress, helps to lighten the mood, and because you get tired, you can also take that as a reason to enjoy a nice shower and relax. Ofc these all can also aply for before work, but sometimes exercise can drain away all your energy. And if you are doing this to stay fit ,then after work would be the best, let me tell you why, what you can do is eat all your fav foods durning the day time, and when its evening , you can burn those calories, and at the same time have a nice dinner. SO that both are balanced. Hope you find this helpfull😊. Regards
Tysa O.
Neither, actually. I like to work out in the middle of work. I take a long lunch break to hike then eat usually. It's a wonderful way to decompress, burn off any stress then reset to finish the day strong.
Ashli O.
Before work, after breakfast is the best for me. I have more energy in the morning and more willpower to fight my excuses.
Coreyann F.
I prefer to exercise before work because I have the most energy first thing in the morning. However my schedule usually doesn’t allow me to work out before work so I do light stretching and core work after work and intense exercise on the weekends.
Claude S.
I enjoy a bit of exercise in the morning to wake me up. But don't feel motivated enough to do a whole workout yet. I enjoy a longer run in the afternoon to end off the day.
Aoi Z.
For me, I personally prefer exercising before work since it helps me to feel refreshed and energized for the tasks I will need to do at work and also because I get so tired after work that I just want to sleep!😂
Carla S.
I prefer to exercise in the morning when I am starting my day and when I am more calm after waking up. But I struggle to leave the comfort of bed since I have been dealing with my major and it is a lot of anxiety inducing.
Hope I have a better way of dealing with that soon so I can be more motivated to leave the bed and do some moves!
Amelia E.
I prefer a light exercise like yoga in the morning before work. For more high intensive workout or dance, I prefer to do it in the afternoon or evening. I feel my sleep quality is increased after working out in the evening.
Ingo X.
After work I get tired. Before work I have energy to exercise as well as the exercise activates more energy inside me to carry out my day more efficiently.
Ishika G.
I usually exercise after before taking my shower. But before work is better as it will give you a boost of energy and happiness to start your day !
C Lian O.
I definitely prefer exercise before work. Since I have a family and we normally have homework with the kids, plus dinner and other commitments in the evenings, exercise after work would rarely get done.
Morgan I.
I do dance in school so that counts for me as my exercise. However, I'm a cashier at a Panera Bread and I am constantly walking around or bussing tables so that could also count. I think it depends on your job. If you're a host/hostess then yes, but if you're like a manager staying in the back office, then probably not.
Jessica E.
I prefer to work out before work, I feel more energised in the morning. If I leave it until later in the day I feel unmotivated
Lee Y.
After, as I usually feel tired in the afternoon if I exercise in the morning. However I do enjoy working out first thing in the morning.
Abbas G.
I prefer to exercise in the morning. I have more energy and it feels like I got one good habit done for the day. I don't have the energy and mindset to do it after work. I do a short yoga session before bed though.
Ashley J.
I prefer to exercise after work typically. It’s easier for me personally because I’ve already left the house and can just drive to the gym instead of home. I’m no morning person, either, so if work is early I’m not making it anywhere beforehand. It’s hard to motivate myself into leaving home specifically to go to the gym to exercise.
Elizabeth O.
I would prefer to workout earlier, but I have a hard time waking up so early! I have to be at my job at 7:30 am. I usually workout after.
Lynn J.
I grew up exercising after school so my preference is exercising in the evening. But since COVID I've lost motivation to workout after work, so there's a better chance of me exercising in the morning!