How do you manage to eat healthy?

Sharon U.
I plan down to the detail. This even includes lookimg up new recipes. Then she. I go to the store I stict to my list. I dont let myself buy things not included. Next I proportion everything ahead of time. It takes a little bit of work but if I dont have to think aboit it then I am more likely to stick to it.
Josefine N.
By making a conscious decision to eat something that has value to my body and isn’t an empty or wasted calorie. Finding food that is both nutritious and tasteful can be challenging at times but it definitely is achievable. The easiest way that I’ve found is that my making a grocery list and sticking to it when you go shopping makes my life a lot easier when I’m there. That way I’m not tempted to buy anything that is bad for me.
Irina F.
While planning my meals, I first plan my vegetables then my carbs followed by proteins. For breakfast, I usually prefer to have whole grain foods like oats,breads,barley etc.
Willie F.
I'm vegetarian, so every meal I have involves vegetables.

I've cut back on dairy this year as well. I use a lot of the principles from Forks Over Knives

Troy Z.
It's a process. I would start with not buying any junk food in the first place. Also, write down some recipes you can make with healthy food that taste good and are easy to make. If you get hungry and need something right now, grab a fruit. Surround yourself with healthy food so that you don't have a choice. These are all things that I did, hope it helps you. Wish you all the best.
Kenneth J.
I just have to not keep the unhealthy food in the house. If it's there, my willpower WILL fail at some point. It's easier to remove the temptation. Also, it helps to remind myself of my goals. I have a few positive messages in my kitchen that help me focus on the things I want.
Johanne P.
I don't all the time… But I try to start at the grocery store with what I buy and don't buy. Lately I haven't been buying snacks and things I like to binge on. I try buying whole, simple foods that I can cook easily into meals. I'm not perfect at this, but little changes help. Then I have healthier choices at home. I also gave up fast food. Which is hard at first, epecially when you're hungry and drive by a favorite place! But I just tell myself to drive past the entrance and I'm in the clear, lol. No turning back!
Steve P.
I have pre-set meals, a couple months ago I used to go to the nutritionists so I have an idea of what kind of food i can eat so I think at mornings well …. today I feel like… having a shake! It motivates me knowing that every time I eat healthy I fell more energetic, my belly looks better ;p, and I don't feel heavy if I want to exercise, the nutritionist recomend me to eat from 5-6 times at day so I am never hungry, i carry my snacks that makes it easier also.
L Andre G.
I pick one breakfast and lunch out, then prepare enough for an entire week. That way I have healthy food I can grab, I don't have to worry about not having the time or not being able to choose what to eat.
Ilona F.
I measure all my portions, eat as many vegetables as possible and eat treats in small quantities so that I don't feel like I'm missing out. I also record what I put into my body because it helps me remain accountable for myself.
Sophie S.
It is constant fight I tell you. Intuition is useless here. I am extremely aware of my meals, plan them, check what do I have at home and go geocery shopping for the rest. I plan 5 ou of 7 days full days food and then shop. And I read the guidance from Fabulous vey often again and again. It is still equally hard work as two weeks ago when I started but I figure it will get better someday and it would really be a waste of time to stop now. Good luck!
Matteo T.
It's a snowball effect: the first few days are harder but once you do it 3 days in a row, it will be easier. Then it will be an habit. When I feel the urge to eat something with sugar and I have some fruit, I eat it. Otherwise, I eat a tiny portion of chocolate or so, but so tiny that it calms the urge and it's okay still.
Renee F.
I started with baby steps, eating a healthy breakfast, my body felt great and it made me want to keep fueling it with healthy stuff. I've noticed how junk food affects my body and I'm not drawn towards it anymore. Whenever I get a craving, I satisfy it with a small amount of it and just keep going.