Do you always manage to find time to do exercise in the morning or do you sometimes move it to the evenings?

Lucie G.
I have to do 2 hours of walking total when commuting every day so I don't generally have time for a proper morning exercise. Generally I move it to the evening to tire me out for bed.
Francisco F.
If I am at home I usually don't have a specific time for it but if I am at hostel I must do it at morning. I feel quite uneasy at hostel cause I'm afraid I'll wake up my roomates bur what can I do study hr starts at 6 to 10 in summer and 5 to 10 pm and the time in between I have is mostly for workshop, programmes and dinner
Anna Q.
Yes, I do because I'm very strict when it comes to my exercise timings but in case my schedule it gets hectic, I push it to afternoons latest.
However, I prefer mornings