Do you prefer an energizing 8 min exercise in the morning or a relaxing one?

Mina C.
Well I usually start with cleaning the house to warm myself up n wake up then I’ll start stretching then do a good 30 min workout I prefer my pace
Isha Y.
A relaxing one. In the mornings I am feeling tired and groggy due to just waking up. I need to relax in the morning so that I won't feel exhausted the entire day. Sometimes I like to do energizing exercise in the afternoon.
Jennifer F.
I prefer working out in morning first thing. Get up, get at it. Mornings can really be great in nature, so walks are nice and the city is often still.
Hans J Rg R.
Energizing! Honestly, a walk or interval jog/run is the easiest exercise I can do when I first wake up and can't really think straight. Too relaxing and I will want to fall back asleep
Edgar E.
I always start with an energizing exercise. And it depends for how long I want to do it. I prefer doing relaxing exercises right before I head to bed at night.
Fatihah N.
exercise in the morning before everything is the best kick start for you the whole day. i once skipped it and i felt terrible the whole day. DO YOUR WORKOUT AND FEEL FABULOUS!