How do you balance me time and mental wellness on a busy schedule (college)?

Isabella O.
I'm not a student anymore, but when I was, I made a promise to myself that no matter what, I would take one day at the weekend to do whatever I want (no coursework or studying at all). This helped me to focus during the week and gave me a whole day to relax and restore at the weekend.
Liam T.
I’m a scheduler and I love checking off lists. If I have a set schedule I usually do whatever it takes to follow that. Maybe try setting an exact time every day that you will exercise no matter what and use it as a checklist. It might even help with your studies because when you check something off on your list you feel accomplished and feel like you can tackle anything in my opinion. Start small, don’t shoot for the moon which I think this app is definitely teaching me.
Julio T.
You have to take some time for you and your mental wellness. If you think you don’t have time, well… it’s false. You have time. But you don’t know organize it. So take time, create time, reorganize your timetable to have free time for you and only you. If you have a lot of homework, then do all of them and after that you could meditate or read a book or drink some tea. Whatever you do, as soon as it’s a thing which it’s good for you, which procure you some happiness and wellness, it’s all good for the rest of the world. 🙂
Victor F.
For me it's shift work which is feels like you are juggling a can of gas in one hand and a flame in th other . routine works best for me so try to eat sleep,and gym session same time or as close as you can.even weekends.other mundane but nesasary objective will find there place and time around this.
Lukas Y.
When I go to college I have to get up at different times every day so the first thing I did was tried to make it the same time so I get up at 6 or 7 every-day. I also sometimes take my breakfast to eat on the train or bus and get off a stop sooner (yes even on the train) and walk as my excercise however if I have time I will do yoga at Home.
Levi J.
I don't go to college, but I work full time and have a son who is special needs. Daddy is with us too, but he works an opposite shift from me, so while I'm gone in the mornings, he's gone in the evenings. I make a point to set a timer, or just a single item that needs to be done (was dishes, an hour to sort through paperwork that's piled up, or maybe an hour to study your notes) and when that task or time frame is done I give myself ten minutes to read a book, color a picture, maybe start a manicure, watch my fish, play a video game, or play Legos with my son. The first important step is knowing how to make the most out of YOUR time, and not falling into the trap of what the media tells you self care should be. It should be whatever Sparks a lot of joy for you, and then simply find a way to fit that in to 10 or 15 minute increments throughout the day.
Michelle J.
Sometimes it's the small self care things that are important. For me, I enjoy listening to audibooks while I drive. It makes me feel good to escape into a good story whole I'm driving. This is also true with podcasts. Music is great but sometimes it's good to switch it up.
Bekir F.
Just like waking up and brushing your teeth I put my mental wellness and me time in the same category. For me I now choose to see it as not making time for them but it has to be a necessity just like sleep waking up and brushing my teeth. Training my brain to see it as an everyday necessity instead of a choice makes a big difference. The most important thing is to focus on yourself and so the things you love during your me time and being creative to active your mental wellbeing both physically and sociological.
Don't see it as finding the time, look at it like your books if you don't open it and study as well as understand the theory and your ability to apply it then you will most probably not pass so you need that me time to collect yourself and ensure your are always at peace within so it is a necessity not luxury
Douglas J.
Remember the fact that you don’t need more than a few minutes for your mental wellness. Meditate for 5 mins, breathe for 2 mins.
Anunciata E.
It is hard! I need my meditation session in the morning to be less stress. I try to finish work early, and then relax in the evening when I can. I find I relax more when I appreciate the silence and don't turn on the music or the TV. I just do things I like without rush.
Ellen X.
Waking up at 5am every day is a good start. Since I started that, I have found I have way more time in a day. Plus, the early morning is the best part of the day to work on yourself 😊