What is a good low impact exercise for a plus size person who can only swim during warmer weather?

Joyce E.
Walk. Walk everywhere. Just walk. It’s hard, I know especially since none of us have the time. But if you do a 5 min. walk during lunch, that’s something.
Isaac Z.
Walking is great exercise and doesn’t require any special equipment other than footwear. It can be done anywhere and can be done in multiple short stints through the day.
Joey Z.
You could try some stretching exercises, there's a set routine on Fabulous. If you're looking for something more challenging there's Pilates or yoga in which most of the exercises can be initially done sat down or less strenuously until you can build up to the standing version. Alternatively you could simply go for a walk; I put my headphones in and just walk around my local area. Try walking either a little further or a little longer each day or walk for the same amount of time and just try to increase your pace slightly until you can feel your heart rate increase. The important thing is just start; start doing something, anything and stick with it.
Sophie Z.
I can relate to this very much! It doesn't seem obvious at first, but yoga is perfect for plus size people (like myself). If you start slow and watch some good beginner level yoga routines online, you will have no issue getting into it. At first it may not seem like a great exercise but the better you get at it and the more you put into it the more it can turn into a true cardio workout.
Johannes F.
Wall push ups I can't really get into real push ups now but these push ups really get me warmed up to do the real thing a little easier
Ron U.
I used to be semi-professional athlete, but had to stop due to health issues. Few years later I felt the urge to get back on track but I quickly realized how much my body had forgotten how to exercise. Yoga turned out to be the perfect way of me waking up in the morning and introducing more intense physical activity to my lazy body. There are a lot of videos on YouTube and you can do it at home. Try it! I promise, it works!
Katrine F.
I would recommend weight training and some form of flexibility excercises. Weight training with progressive overload is challenging enough for muscles and circulatory system and can be adapted into half hour or hour long sessions.
Tracey Z.
Stationary cycling or using the ergometer are great options. They both allow you to change the resistance of the bike or erg, so you can do cardio work with bursts of resistance work.
Marilyn J.
I find using a recumbent bike a pretty low impact exercise, there are a lot for sale second hand (I got mine on Facebook marketplace), so you don't need to spend a lot. I use small weights (5lbs in each hand) to work my arms as well as my legs.
Chantal F.
*Recumbent bike 15 min (or more) 3min level 3 – 80 rpm.
3 min level 6 – 80 rpm.
3 min level 9 – 100 rpm.
3 min level 6 – 80 rpm.
3 min level 9 100 rpm..up to 12min. 3min level 3 cool down.
* Elliptical. Once around the track. After walk around the gym. Up the stairs down the stairs.
Next time push yourself-
1/4 track easy.
1/4 track fast pace. Etc.
Have a goal for an amountof time- my starting goal was to eventually run 3miles. Elliptical is similar to running just without the impact on the joints.
**Consistency is the key. There is no real time limit only progress at your own pace.
Progress Not Perfection!!
Heather U.
I mostly do cycling for my exercise, it is a great option in a flat area.
Walking / hiking in nature is also low impact.
Abigail S.
You could also find an indoor pool and go swimming, but pilates is a great great workout. Slow, but brings up your muscle tone just right!
Christina Y.
Maybe be dancing to their favourite music and weights. Weight will speed up the wieght loss. It’s possible that weights might speed up their weight loss