What are some good ways to incorporate exercise into my daily activities?

Zarmala A.
I find housework (cooking, cleaning) is a great way to build activity into the daily routine. You could cook breakfast for the whole family on weekends and do all the washing up afterwards.
Jebo M.
Don't think of it as incorporating excercise, but activity. For example doing hike on the weekends, or waking up with yoga, energising yourself with dance. If just excercise itself is not motivating for you, try to think about it what other meaning that action can have without excercising.
Paige U.
I find that using exercise as a stress release tool while working helps me enjoy the act of exercising. For example, if I have writer’s block taking a ten minute dance break will help me release the built up tension.
Varlene I.
When I’m heading home from school I walk instead of driving because it’s not super far. Maybe make a change to walk to certain places instead of taking another mode of transportation!
Myriam V.
Think of all the moments throughout your day when you are stationary (not moving) and ask yourself if/ how can you (safely) excercise in those moments. I, for instance, do squats while I shower and leg lifts or lunges while I brush my teeth. Another thing that makes exercising easier is (1) preparing the night before like setting up your yoga mat or running attire, and (2) having something enjoyable to listen to while you work out. You can also plan a delicious and healthy breakfast as something to look forward to after working out.
Amorim Q.
Got 10 minutes? Spend that time doing jumping jacks, high stepping, even a brisk walk. All great ways to incorporate exercise into your routine!
Carina W.
i would say that if you think about it as self care it might be easier. the good weather is coming so you could take some time everyday to go for a walk as your downtime. you can even multitask while excercising a bit but it will improve your life if many ways (for example quality sleep). if you don't have time for a 10 minute walk or run everyday than try to take the stairs instead of the lift or try taking the long way home. you can try and do excercises at home which enquire only you. these little changes might be very helpful. oh, and include friends! if i'm running or working out with someone i tend to push myself further and it's also more fun! hope i could help 🙂