I want to do 100 pushups daily. But never achieved that. What should i do to have this daily 100 pushups habit?

Kathryn W.
Persistence…the key is not to give up and pushup every day which is pretty possible for everyone not after one day or week because if you push hard in first days you may harm your precious body . Warm up first tight your stomach count it in your mind (dont talk) and belive that you could do it asap
Carl P.
Well you can start one by one you don't have to do 100 pushups for the first time at first you can try with 10 pushups then 30 pushups ect….. Till you can do the 100 pushups u should give some time to yourself and don't be hard on yourself
Devjit F.
You should start with 5 pushups (or as many as you are comfortable doing) a day and then add 1 pushup each day till you hit your goal of 100 pushups.
Alyssia O.
First, try to figure out what makes you stop. If you don't have enough time in that case you'll need to find the right moment in your day. If you can do 50 at most and start feeling too sore, try doing 50 for a week, them increase your goal gradually. If you get bored easily while doing them, maybe try listening to music, a podcast or a YouTube video. Find whatever it is that's stopping you and look into possible solutions, give them a try, once something works, stick to it and keep going. I believe in you!
Aphiwe Z.
It is but good for your body to immediately start will 100. I would recommend starting at 20 for 2 months then 40 for the next and so on. This method will be more effective due to the fact that you’re getting your a plan to work with/