How often do normal people on this app exercise for?

Ma Lyne F.
For starters define normal LOL. And secondly the amount of exercise one person does varies from the next. The goal is to pace yourself and do only as much as you can without overexerting yourself. You have to slowly build yourself up based on your fitness level. No one person is like the next. Food for thought
Selma C.
Well I'm not a normal person, and I exercise for 10 minutes in the morning. So long as you're doing it every day, it only takes small amounts to grow your health.
Auguste Z.
It’s best to exercise for at least 8 minutes, but you can always do more if you want to! If your exercise is dancing to tunes, you could always spend your whole morning dancing around the house, or if you’re walking around the block, you could set a goal for yourself, like, “I want to walk a mile today”. The choice is always up to you, though! Just make sure you form healthy habits for yourself.
Wilma F.
When the weather is ok, I bike to work, which takes me about 20 mins. On days where I can’t bike, I go for a 1.5 mile jog, which takes me about 20 mins. as well.
Dina J.
I do yoga for 5-10 minutes every morning. I'm not trying to work up a whole sweat but I am trying to slowly become more aware of my body and learn what feels right and also give myself a few more extra minutes of quiet. I'll slowly build my way up to a full 30 minutes but 5-10 minutes right now I think is a good start.
Kenneth X.
I do 10 mins. I used to exercise a lot and I know that overdoing it can reduce your long term commitment to the program. So just focus on having fun and look at 8 mins as a minimum!
Nathan T.
Everyone is different so depending on whether they just started incorporating exercise in their routine or have been working out for years will affect the time you can dedicate to exercise. I would say that on average people will spend 30 minutes on exercise a day
Priscilla O.
I think there is probably a range of exercise habits based on a number of factors.

I am assuming from your question that this app attracts people for whom exercise is a top priority. Maybe they run marathons, or maybe their appearance is very important for their line of work.

If my assumption is correct, then I am not typical for this app. But I don’t think I am “abnormal” for my own cohort of 55-year-old professors of English literature from rural areas in taking a twenty-minute walk
every day.

Mirza C.
I tend to go 3 days for 45 min to gym class and some times at home a bit with youtube… but other weeks just walking…