How do you treat the days that you miss your goals

Katie Q.
Well I try not to beat myself up and I pick up the next day after but I haven't missed one day yet but if I did that's what I would do
Farah O.
Well, I unfortunately feel really bad for myself. I feel like a failure and really unaccomplished. However, I try to pick myself up and remind myself that setbacks are natural and mistakes are proof that you are trying. So don’t beat yourself over it. It’s okay. Mistakes happen, failures happen, we’re human after all. Head up and keep up the good work!
Nick F.
I tell myself that it's ok. I missed it and it's ok, no use crying over spilt milk, all you can do is try to do it tomorrow
Laryssa F.
Well my problem is exactly this, I usually don’t care that much, what makes me feel so irresponsible about myself. Sometimes I think I should care more about it, the good thing is that I’m not hard on myself but the problem is that if I don’t care I will not feel the urge to complete my goals.Of course when I complete my tasks I feel great and I want to do it again, but if I missed a day I’ll not go crazy about it, I just try to motivate me to try again next time. I usually like to break my routines, but I’m here to build one that will make me grow as an individual and a professional.
Arthur F.
On the days I miss my goals, I try to set new goals so that I don’t get in the habit of not doing anything. These goals could range from cleaning out my car to spending quality time with the family. It gives my mind a sense of ease and keeps me from focusing on the negative. It also helps keep mind disciplined so the chance of having another missed goal in the future is reduced. No matter what, always stay positive!
Aadarsha F.
I feel bad and generally leave off my path from goals. I keep on diverting and after a long gap realize that I am not on correct path and start again. Matter of fact, it usually happens often and now I think that I need to improve that.
Aniceto C.
I think at the moment I don’t pressure myself to meet goals on time. As long as I still have hours left in the day I will still complete it. I might forget to log it yes but it’s done non the less.
Judy O.
On days where I'm lazy, I just feel really bad. On days that unexpected things happen, I just remind myself that I can try to do my goals again tomorrow.
Justine S.
When I do miss my goals and lose my streak I treat it as a reminder to start again tomorrow because it is a new day. Try not to dwell on the negative thought of just missing a couple of days. It will only make you miss more days and feel less motivated. There is always tomorrow. 🙂
Hubert O.
I try and complete my routines everyday, if I miss a routine I will carry with the other routine throughout the day. I owe it to myself to accomplish my goals
Emma U.
Come back the next day, but say to yourself you made progress and you are taking a step at a time. In future ensure goals are measurable, write it down, report , be comfortable and see results
Mikkel N.
Well I usually don’t miss my goals, but if if does happen it must be a good reason why. Let’s say I missed it, then I would try to never do it again and I would catch up with the thing I missed. Hope this helps.
Della Y.
I remember that I need to drink water eat a healthy breakfast and go for a walk to start my day and when I forget about the ones in the afternoon I just write in my journal and at night I always remember to stretch
Emelia O.
Tbh I feel really bad about myself but as at recent I’ve been trying to journal on it a bit and condition myself that it’s not the end of the world. I also do something fun and “good for me” like eating a healthy meal or doing Selfcare
Brianna T.
Any day I miss of my workout routine I do everyday I do more then a little amount of workouts so I can catch up with myself
Elizabeth O.
I treat it as if it’s okay that I missed a day. It’s supposed to be a routine and a habit and sometimes you fall behind on habits. That’s fine, at least once in their life does someone fall behind on a routine. It’s all about trying to make a habit and routine for myself and I can accept that those days where I miss out on something can be a lesson or a motivation to work back up to what I had or even just brush it aside whilst still reminding myself to get back on top of what I missed.
Madiha W.
1.I forgive myself for not completing my goal.
2. I ensure by setting reminders that I will not miss my goal tomorrow.
3. Arrange my tasks in a way that next day I have more time on hand for unseen situations.
Eniola G.
Life is about new beginnings, I make sure I'm not hard on myself when I miss my goals, I simply start over again, over and over.
Karolina I.
I treat myself like I feel. When you skip you goals its a reason for it. If you just dont feel like doing it. Dont do it. You deserve a rest day. But. Remember dont do it more than ONCE a time
Elias C.
When i miss the goals, i reflected again about my plan, and also evaluate my mistake, so i can reprogram my new habit or my new steps to reach my goals, i just know how to do it better
Freja Z.
I tell myself that it’s okay to struggle with discipline, as long as your conscious about it and everyday give effort in reaching your short term goals. Also writing it down helps because the day I don’t have time or don’t take the time off (cause there’s always time for what u want), then I write it the day after and if it’s exercise for example, I do a add to it a little bit more strength
Sofia U.
Well, I honestly just ignore them and think of what I will do tomorrow. So instead of fovusinh on what I didn't do I focus on what I will do.
Laly Y.
Like an opportunity to learn. Why didn’t I meet my goals? Were they too much for me? Was it just a bad day? Either way, I make sure to not be hard on myself. My best is not a standard, my best on one day will be different from another day. Just doing your best for that day is what matters.
Jax F.
I think it’s okay to mess here and there. Sometimes some days are harder than others and you just have to get back on the horse once you’ve fallen. We all mistakes and as long as we continue to try we’ll be able to persist in this world successfully.
Lvaro S.
I use those days to reflect on what I can and can’t handle. Is there a way to edit and alter the routine to best fit me. I can’t go back in the past, but we can always prepare for the future. Maybe for everyday you missed maybe journal about that day and your feelings in missing that routine
Cl A Y.
I feel sad but at the same time I tried to do something else that will help me to keep the goal , also try no to be so hard on me.
Terri E.
It's always nice and better to achieve your goals instead of missing them . By doing what you want to achieve you will be more happy , ispired , motivated etc.
I personally feel bad that I didn't do it and tell my mind surely i will do it tomorrow! But one thing I should say is "whatever you do be happy , in what situation you are be happy"..And make a promise to yourself that you will do it tomorrow
James O.
I have a really bad habit about treating it like a wasted day and a do-over. Streak apps give me anxiety because I feel like I get caught doing the same 7-10 days over again. I wish there was a way to acknowledge it without feeling defeated.
Hania N.
I used to be very harsh on myself when i missed my goals, but now i really try not to stress so much about my aims. When i miss my goals, I write down everything i need to do for the next day and go to sleep:)
Robert U.
I like to reflect on why I missed my goal and make changes to help me so that I don’t miss it again. I also like to treat those days as a day to relax and reflect on why I started, how it’s been going for me, and if I think I’m doing well and can continue doing my habits. It’s really all about thinking back on it for me.
Emile Q.
I treat those days, as just off days, and that the next day, i'll get back on track and it's nothing to worry about. Or i'll try to get back on track that very same day, and just have a rough start as i call it
Oscar X.
i think to myself, why did i miss it? and i allow myself to be ok with it. we can’t be perfect every day. let
yourself be lazy sometimes.
Dorina G.
It happens mostly when I get tired (work too much, sleep too litle, say yes to everyone, etc.). If I skip my goals I always think that I started to go away from myself and I need to get closer again (sleep more, do something for myself, be with besties, etc.).:)
Amber N.
Things are always going to come up. Today I was sick in bed. I didn’t do any of my morning routine. This also seems to happen on weekends too when my routine is different. Picking up my routine and not giving up on it after a day missed is how I continue. I don’t see it as a failure. I move forward. Maybe setting up alternative routines for when obstacles arise is a way to get your habits still in.
Rebecca Q.
I try not to let it influence me too much. When the positive things you do for yourself become habits, part of your daily routine, you can think that they're always going to be there tomorrow to start again to take care of yourself. So skipping one day isn't really a big deal when you've brought so much change into your life. If I miss a goal from a special challenge, I remind myself that it's just that, a challenge! I pay myself on the back and remind myself that I can try again tomorrow, and do better. It's a marathon, not a sprint.
Cassie N.
Hmm, I would probably be down that I didn’t get my goals done, but I would still try to make good with the day because it still have a bunch of potential!
Jithara T.
when I miss my goals, I recently started sitting down and writing about it. I would write about how I felt, how I feel, and how I want to feel. This helps me realize what things I'm missing, and what things I need to do in order to obtain that.
Kopyrh F.
I try to live by the idea that it’s never too late. If I don’t do something as soon as I wake up, it’s better to do it late when I have time or feel more productive. Rather than not doing it at all. I wouldn’t be too hard on myself, because that doesn’t really help anyone, and can actually make the situation worse
Omaima R.
I think about them, rather than feeling guilty i accept it. Yes i couldn’t stick to my habits but I could do it. I can and feeling that makes me feel better. Better for the next opportunity.
Meszes E.
For example I think about the reasons. This doesn't help much maybe in the moment, but helps with analyzing and finding the root cause of my behavior, making it possible to avoid it in the future. Much like finding the issues of a system. Then I can statt working out a plan to root out the issue that caused me to lack. Other than that, celebrating your goals every single day helps you pat yourself on your shoulder on a bad day and think: well, it's okay. I'm still doing well. This ain't nothing for me.
Rose T.
Forgive yourself, tomorrow is another opprutunity. Theres already so many bad thing happening so why not be kind to yourself.
Aven Z.
I treat my days with doing what makes me comfy and happy. Like being in bed and watching TV or eating good food and playing piano.
Cindy O.
I do things on my own time. I take a walk, read, do whatever it takes to take my mind off my stress. I don't always have to go into the fabulous app
Nyzhel G.
I honestly don’t think about them at the time but sooner than later the thoughts catch up with me. As soon as I start to think about the app and my mental health I started to realize I couldn’t give up.
Rosil Z.
I mean it’s natural for us to get sad when we don’t complete our goals. The same thing remains on my mind for a week if I don’t complete a thing I was supposed to finish and that will keep nagging me. So when I miss my goals I either listen to music or do it then.!
Jen M N.
I use them as a chance to reassess whether I’ve set realistic goals and if I can adjust the size or placement so I can find an achievable goal.
Raul B.
With kindness. Acknowledge that those days happen and it doesnt invalidate the progress you've made up until that point. Remind myself that I was even able to start at day 1 with no streak of goals, so now that I know I can accomplish it, I know it's easier to get back into goals.
Patryce X.
A missed goal is just that a missed goal. We can not learn from yesterdays problems if we don’t see tomorrow as the solution
Tim C.
I don’t see them as a bad thing. Some days are more chaotic than others so it’s easy to miss a goal. It won’t be the end of the world. All you gotta do is keep trudging forward and make sure you can make up for it in the days to come. It’s ok to have off days once in a while
Jamie P.
the days that i do miss my goals are typically days where i really struggle with my mental health and don’t have the energy to do things
Candace J.
I try to be very careful about missing my goals and try to rethink how I need to remember to focus on what my goal was and try to get back on track
Kai N.
Try again tomorrow. When you find yourself worrying about today’s failures use that time to set up tomorrow for success.
Samar F.
So basically it really makes me feel bad if I miss my goals of the day. But then I sleep with a positive mind that it's just a off today and dont need to think to much about it as it will make me mentally ill so i then sleep with a positive mindset and hope for the recovery of today's goal to tomorrow
Teliano W.
I try hard not to miss a goal. Because then I feel like a cheater. Knowing that I want to improve and so I need to keep up my game. Laziness will not Bring me down. 😯⭐
Heinz G Nter U.
I treat them as a day to reflect on why I missed and try not to let it happen again. I move on and try to do better the next day.
Revolution M.
I usually don't panic and try to see the brightside of it. I analise what did I do wrong and how can I fix it so I wilk succeed the next time. Anyways I am following the advice of keeping it small so I can mantain my habits.
Jasmeen F.
Me i think so by thinking that what would happen in the future like i get some motivation also and sometimes i want to be distracted but I cannot so i start my journey towards the goals of my life💫
Megan E.
I focus on talking to myself the way The Fabulous talks to me. It's a great model of how encouragement produces growth. I also just really enjoy it. Beautiful colors, sounds, graphics, and messages gently urge me onward through the times that I struggle. It helps me celebrate every forward step and piece of change. It helps me accept the flow of the growth process, and feel it as a gift. Doing this, I can get my senses and my memory on board with images and sounds that represent the beauty I am continuing to add to my life and myself.
Elise Z.
I mostly treat these days like it's a full back day, because sometimes things can go wrong and things will not go your way and those kind of days happen and you can't really do anything about it. You just have to to let it go and try it again the next day!
Noah E.
I treat them as days where I wasn’t as happy and wasn’t as prepared of the world around me. I make sure I go back to it the next day x
Felix T.
I try not to focus on what I didn't do, but to feel proud if what I was able to accomplish. Each day has it challenges & setbacks, especially to those less fortunate then others. If I am unable to complete my goals I try & remember that it doesn't mean I failed. It's just means I have lots of room for improvement. Nothing is impossible.
B Ur Ri To N.
Days that I miss my goals are just normal days that I didn’t feel good enough about something to complete a goal. I try my best but some days it’s just not possible with my mental health to do them, so I do my best to forgive myself and do better the next day.
Angel U.
I feel like I’ve disappointed myslef Because I can’t stick to a routine, one that I need to actively help myself. It’s liek I’m trying to sabotage myself.
Kania N.
At first, I’m very dissapointed with myself. I feel like I failed, as if the maintanance that I was working for was destroyed.
I ruminate around it for some time (right now it’s less than is used to). At some point I’m able to convince myself it’s not a tragedy. I can be weaker sometimes and it doesn’t change the essence of who I am.
Hedu F.
Take some time to review what went wrong and why you missed the goal. Take some precautions or extra steps to make sure you don't repeat.
Lucy P.
I try to be kind to myself and allow myself to just relax. As long as I do fulfill them throughout the week it’s all good
Joan Z.
I m a iit aspirant so if was missing goals then just see iit aspirats study vlog and it helps me a lot … I can understand that how the other aspirants are preparing for iit and second is i talk to my parents about my gols and tell them my hole statergy so then can tell me is i wass wrong in case and rest of the time i take rest and doing my 10th board preparation
Cilene P.
I determine to immediately make it right as soon as I realize that I have missed my goal for the day.
And double up to make sure I don't miss the next.
Ray P.
I say to myself, it's okay, no one is perfect. Everyone can make mistakes. I prepare and make myself ready for the next day.
Attila F.
Well for now i treaded them easily. I didn't care about missing, i thought whatever a day a miss, not a big deal. But then … Days went by days and I was lost by my way. I can't let this happen, once more! I'm storng-willed, optimistic and strong! 🐺
Riley X.
I try to not to miss any goals in a day. But if a goal is missed, I make sure that the next day I do it. When you skip a day, your mind thinks of it as you dropped it and you don't want to do it anymore.
Rochus Z.
I remember to be kind to myself on the days that I miss my goals. I’m a human, and like any other animal, being perfect constantly is very hard to achieve. I also use my missed day as a sign that maybe I need rest or I have to revalue the amount I am committing myself to. Sometimes not achieving a goal could be a sign of a deeper issue. Rest is important and when we do take a break, it’s okay!
Marsha Z.
i would treat them like they are still important and that you can still try. even if you miss your goals some days that doesn’t mean you have failed. it means you can still keep on trying. keep going. your doing great. 🙂
Minervina Z.
Some days you can miss goals for a number of reasons, whether illness or injury or just being a bit tired. I try not to be too hard on myself, learn from the experience and set a new intention for the next day
Ingra P.
I typically either make some time for them later or I just do what I can without feeling too much pressure on myself that will frustrate my mind and I make intention to focus on my time management the next day more effectively. I also use the apprentice setback to allow me to think of I’m overwhelming myself and trying to be more than my nature allows me to at the time and adjust if I think it would be more sustainable.
Rella P.
Well I’m not gonna lie, it does make me feel bad when I go to bed at night, but you can’t really do much about it as the day is already over. So what I do is I (try) to wake up earlier than usual the next day to kind of make up for the wasted time. I think it’s also important to be mindful of how much time you’re spending on leisure (eg social media, TVs) and not on being productive. I think having a to-do list would be perfect as you feel the satisfaction when you’re crossing out the things that you need to do. Good luck stranger, and we’re rooting for you!! Much love
Doggo M.
I try to not be too hard on myself, healing is not always linear and there are going to be days where i will not be able to meet all my goals. And that’s ok.
Becca F.
As learning opportunities. I accept that all days won’t be amazing. That is healthy. Next I reflect on the day, and I choose at least one thing I can learn from the day going forward.
Deolindo S.
I treat them with the mentality that it’s okay if one day is missed. I had run out of bread yesterday, and my spouse is invested in helping me create better habits for myself, so he was able to help me get some breakfast items from the store! In missing that day it showed me how much I was cared about. It made me want to do better today, to achieve my goals more.
Talita C.
I don't really focus on that too much. I quickly reflect on the reason why those goals were not accomplished then consider how to prevent that as I move on. It's best to keep your attention on how to not make that mistake again rather than dwelling on it, which will only drain your energy and do more harm than good.
Margo I.
I did not miss my goals yet. But i think if i would it would be a sign that i'm not feeling well so i would do a self care day.
Isaiah W.
I usually just make sure I drink plenty of water the same day, and eat a healthy amount of food so that I am good for the day even though I might have skipped breakfast
Charlotte F.
first, recognize why you did not complete the goals for the day. ask for forgiveness and try and fix it the next day, hope that helps! ❤️
Aysel Y.
dont beat yourself up over days that you miss your goals. remember that when building long term habits it's not about if you missed a day or two but rather how you were this week or month.
Auguste N.
In reality I usually feel a lump in my throat and criticize myself for being a piece of garbage. But after I acknowledge all that stuff, I remember that maybe the reason I missed my goals was because I was attending to my work/life stuff that could not be rescheduled. Or maybe I missed it because I was soooo crippled with anxiety I just couldn’t bear getting off the couch. Let’s not be over dramatic about it. Ya it sucks I didn’t get to execute my goals today. But if you take a breath and look around – the sky didn’t crumble and you are still in one piece. The sun will rise again and you will get another chance. Acknowledge you didn’t appreciate the way things went yesterday and try again today.
Lia D.
We can't always follow our routine the way we want.
After all, if we did, we would all be walking machines programmed to just do a certain thing.
If you didn't do something for something more productive or regarding work, don't feel bad, because you took care of an important task.
And if you didn't fulfill your task for sheer laziness, that's fine. Sometimes taking a break, breathing in, and restarting can help too, and build up your determination to push forward. 🙂
Claire Z.
The goals i miss I do it later in the day or evening so I don't miss the goals because I want to be healthy and creative and do exercise every morning.
Sophia Q.
I try to work on them as best as I could, if I miss a goal then I make sure to get it tomorrow. If you give up right then and there, u might as well give up forever. There is always time to do things, if you miss it that’s totally okay because you will get it tomorrow. Don’t worry. Whatever you did instead of your goal is probs just as great!
Ca Co Q.
I try not to punish myself too much for things I was unable to achieve and will try better to achieve those things the next time
Brett F.
I try to still complete a part of my goal, but if I can’t, I just try to be active/productive. I try to be open minded, and I hope I treat people well. I might be in a closed up mood, but I strive to be in a better mood.
Alisa X.
I try to treat myself with kindness, as everything that I do do is for myself. I always remember not to blame it on myself, as there is always a tomorrow to improve.
Helen Z.
It's a big problem for me to Keep on a track to achieve 10 or 15 days in a row. And before the Fabulous I waired until the 1st day of the month to start again. But now I understand there are day When you have to do much work or something else and I try to find time for training for example. Otherwise I tell myself tomorrow you are doing this exercises twice!!!
Oliver B.
I try to stay positive and realize that i can not be perfect so its ok to fail sometimes, missing goals isnt a problem it will become one if you let failure take over you, stay strong and belive in yourself.
Tami N.
Forgive myself and let it be. Sometimes it is needed to take a break. And also sometimes I need to take it slow. However, at times I look at what I can still do during the day when I’ve missed some of my everyday goals – and do it 🙂
Hans Willi X.
Well I try figuring out why I couldn't do it…. Usually I spend time writing it all down then I reflect the problem then I spend a lot of time thinking how to fix/improve it of course you it'll be really hard like fixing a bad habit but if keep trying and don't give up then in no time you'll be surprised how far you'll go
Another thing is while I do these things I crave some little snack too (don't forget to pamper yourself a little too, just not too much ok 👌🏻?) Hope you have an amazing day/night bye 👋🏻
Monica B.
I usually feel sad and unmotivated. I use it to show myself that I'm a failure. But I should focus on relaxing and looking after myself – treating myself with love. <3
Noga X.
I’m just trying to do it soon, like if I’m on my period and can’t do some sports then I miss one day, but the day after I will do sports but something more relaxing or easier.
Deanna A.
het is altijd jammer als ik niet alles heb gedaan wat ik wilde doen, maar ik accepteer het gewoon. ik laat mezelf niet forceren om dingen te doen waar ik echt niet de motivatie voor heb op dat moment. de dingen waar ik al mee deal is al genoeg om me mee bezig te houden, daarom houd ik de taakjes klein en als ik dan een keer iets niet heb gedaan moet ik het gewoon accepteren en volgende dag gewoon opnieuw proberen.
Paige X.
Most of the time it doesnt matter but i usually organize my closet by coats, jacktets, and then overalls and whatever else needs hung up.
Dora N.
i don’t really think about them that much, since it’s normally the days when i’m too absorbed in other things to do them. admittedly, i’m not super committed to them at this point, and i’ve gotten used to the disappointment of not completing everything i wanted to. i do it a lot—-
Abhisek C.
I make goals kind of every day and most of the time I fail at completing them. So, I became more and more frustrated. My anxiety increases and the belief that I will keep failing becomes more rigid in my heart.
Yvette X.
It's absolutely ok to miss a few goals and targets I'm probably not the best to advise but just try to finish as many as you can for example have that glass of water it's alright if you couldn't do it first thing in the morning as you planned alter your goal! Stay focused on staying hydrated instead of thinking about how you missed driking a glass of water first thing in the morning! If you have been stressed or busy lately due to temporary reasons tell yourself it's alright to miss a few goals but your going to comeback again and focus on yourself and not make it a routine to miss your goals! Try doing the best you can be it eating healthy, taking a break if need be, hydrating etc etc you are strong and you got this!!! All the best!
Lilith N.
If I miss my goals, of course, it's an upsetting and even an unmotivating moment, especially when I'm doing my best to stay on task or have a streak going.

But, there's no use sulking around, you know? Mistakes and failures and all that negative stuff is apart of the process. It's bound to happen that you can't do something one day or forget to do it – and that's perfectly fine! It happens to us all.

Take your time to get back on track, you have all the time you need to continue on. A mistake doesn't mean it's over! ♡

Charmaine U.
I’m trying to change my mindset. I think before I would make myself feel horrible, and make myself feel like the day was wasted. But I’ve been learning it’s important to realize that life is hectic and some things won’t always turn out like we plan. So when I’m not able to fit a workout in, I try to think about why? Maybe I needed to rest because I was more tired than what I realized. Or maybe I was so busy that I completely forgot. In those moments I try to be proud of the other ways that I cared for myself, instead of shaking what wasn’t done.
Noah Y.
Im Just, in the bed doing nothing.The days that i have my morning free and dont go to my job are limited so im just doing nothing
Sydney U.
I try to remember to be kind to myself, that everybody has these days because we're just human. Really, we need those kinds of days sometimes to recover from stress or to remind ourselves why our routine is important. Bottom line, I forgive myself. If you beat yourself up, it's harder to bring back your motivation. So just be kind to yourself!
Milan Z.
I try not to be too hard on my self because that just makes me unmotivated. I always think that there is always tomorrow
Leon J.
I really feel upset because missing them doesn't help me at all if i didn't do these things i wouldn't have a healthy style like i want I'm really not taking care of myself i need to change that and as fast as possible, it would be very hard but it's worth it for the future that i want.
Calvin E.
To be honest I feel ashamed and like a failure. I feel like I have more than enough time to accomplish all my goals but I make excuses and don't get things done because of the feeling of laziness. Just need to keep going and find a way to gain discipline.
Nikolaj Z.
𝚄𝚖 𝚒 𝚍𝚘𝚗𝚢 𝚛𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚖𝚒𝚜𝚜 𝚖𝚢 𝚐𝚘𝚊𝚕𝚜 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚞𝚖 𝙸 𝚐𝚞𝚎𝚜𝚜 𝙸 𝚠𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍 𝚍𝚘 𝚒𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚗𝚎𝚡𝚝 𝚍𝚊𝚢 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚔𝚎𝚎𝚙 𝚘𝚗 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔 𝚘𝚛 𝚖𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚊 𝚛𝚎𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛
Cybele N.
I see it as a day or time I faltered but it doesn’t define my progress. And then I just remind myself to get back on track. I remember the times that I’ve been accomplishing my goals and how easy it was to just do them. Before I would feel like I’m failing and just let my goals slip away. But now since I have been doing well overall, when I miss a day or goal I acknowledge it and move on and coach myself that I can do it.
Viviane W.
The days I miss goals I usually forget them and remember when the day is over – I check my phone religiously I need to just make this app part of my daily check
Priscila S.
I do as much of the goal as I can, even the smallest step. Then I reflect on why I could not complete the full step.

I remember that it is about consistency. Either it’s just one day where I missed a small part of my steps to the goal or I am constantly missing steps to my goal.
If the latter is the case I readjust the path to the goal in my weekly personal meeting with myself.

Bella Y.
If I miss a goal, I usually focus on what I should do now. If I had accomplished the task, I keep focusing on my schedule and ignore the goals I miss.
This is because it will prevent me from missing another goal again. Comfort yourself that there is another chance for tomorrow.
I know you can do it. Fighting!
Kitty Kat P.
Take a deep breath. Remind yourself that habits take time, so if it was hard to do it today, or your missed it- that’s okay! That’s good. Your mind and body are still getting used to your new way of life. So, take another deep breath. And look at what you have to do tomorrow- ONLY tomorrow. And do them. All you need to be is 1% better each day. Hope this helps! 🙂
Frederikke E.
I get back on my feet and keep pushing forward. I be kind to myself and say “it’s okay. Today is a new day to try again” 😊 Be kind to yourself my friend and keep going. You got this!
Anne Rose F.
I look at what I can do the next day to get to those goals. I will probably make a to do list and set up a plain for the next day
Christina Z.
I really have been better at not being so hard on myself. Just because you aren't doing g anything doesn't mean nothing is being done. Resting is also needed. Don't be hard on yourself. Small steps turn into big steps. Don't overwhelme yourself
Josefine B.
Очень плохо!
Думаю так я хотел бы ответить и размышляя над этим – да, именно так я и думаю.
Однако когда я из пропускаю, я нахожу довольно простые причины не выполнять цели. Когда то у меня нет времени, когда то мне не хорошо, а когда то мне это не удобно… каждый раз мозг увиливает от желания продолжать двигаться вперёд. И даже сейчас я умудрился свалить всю вину на мозг, не смотря на то, что итоговое решение принимаю я сам(
Думаю я постараюсь упростить задачу, что бы можно было выполнять свои цели постоянно.