How do you exercise when you don’t have the time for it?

Victor P.
I prefer to go to the gym, but when I can’t go or I don’t have time, I use an application on my iPhone and I do at least 5 minutes of yoga
Esther Q.
I like to put a half-hour aside as part of my bedtime routine to do some yoga. However, in a really tight pinch, I’ll dance while making meals, do five squats every time I use the washroom or do some crunches and pushups before the shower.
Leslie Z.
There are workout apps on the phone that are fantastic. Search and see which ones are best for you. I like to do ones that work against my own body resistance and I don’t need to purchase additional equipment. Then I go to the gym on the weekend.
Andrea Z.
I try to make time for it. I’ll wake up earlier just to jog or lift some weights and if I don’t have the time in the morning I always have time during the night.
Alexis P.
Download a workout app and wake up just 10 minutes earlier to do a simple exercise routine in the morning. Make sure it’s the first thing you do.
Thea Z.
There’s always time somewhere – can you wake up 20 minutes earlier? Or do squats while you cook dinner? If you’re really super busy, can you list out everything you have to do hour by hour, and see where you might be able to fit in 15 minutes? Walking counts too!
Bernice U.
All you need is 15 minutes or less a day. No equipment just your body. We make time for what we care about. Making that time will bring health and happiness to all other areas, even sleep.
Jerry Z.
I like to stretch or park farther away from my destination. Sometimes I’ll do random squats while I’m cleaning or something. I like to follow along with yoga videos at home even if I don’t get to finish the video
Sarah Y.
Try and use other things around you to exercise like taking the stairs or walking in place or parking further away from an entrance to walk longer.
Diana A.
If i have time to think about how little time I have to exercise, so long as I'm not at work and I'm at home, I'll take 5 minutes out to do a couple of sets of pressups, or burpees, or anything to increase my heart rate. That way, if I really have no time during the day to exercise, I've still forced myself to do even just a little bit, and that's what matters. After that you'll make time the more it becomes a habit.
Cristina X.
I have a bunch of 10-15 minute yoga and workout videos that I'll do if I'm short on time. I find mine for free on YouTube, I like Rebecca Louise's workout videos. She has a bunch that are 5 minutes too and they are still a great workout.
Astrid P.
This is an excellent question and one I have struggled with a lot since I started using the app. I have to schedule it into my day, and even then, I had to start scheduling workouts along with friends so we can hold each other accountable. This is the only thing that has worked for me so far. I am in a pathology residency program so I have very little free time.
Siegried F.
The better question is; How can you exercise when you don't MAKE time for it? Making you a priority thus in turn maintaining the you that takes care of everything else. Strenthening the core increasing blood flow to the brain for getting all the important things out of the way. It's something engrained with my meditations, stretching and diet.
Mitchell U.
Try to do your jobs on the go. If you have a phone call to make do it while walking around. If you have to go pick something up, park a little ways away and then walk the rest of the way.