Yes, I was ill 2 weeks, I didn’t want to work out because I felt very tired. I would welcome some advice what to do in this situation.

Wallace Y.
I think start small build up gradually when you've exercised you get that buzz and then you'll feel better start with a walk in the park
Dora N.
If your body needs rest because of an illness, give yourself the time you need. After you recover, start slowly. Do some light exercise for just a few minutes, but make sure you exercise every day. That’s my advice. All the best! —Dora
Beatrice X.
Sometimes when we get ill it's normally because our bodies are telling us to rest. Take time to rest, stay hydrated and eat well. If you still wanted to do some form of exercise I would recommend doing light yoga. That's the wonders of yoga, you can accommodate the movements according to your level and how you are feeling. I hope this helps and remember rest is just as important as physical exercise. Stay well.
Liam P.
While it’s good to work out, always listen to your body! If you’re feeling ill and tired, it’s best to sleep for a bit and let your body rest. Then, once you start to feel better, start working out again. If you’re really passionate about morning workouts, I’d suggest going easier on days you feel ill, but above all, listen to your body.
Laura J.
I have the same question. But I'm just doing what I can, modifying somethings and feeling disappointed over losing my progress. I'm learning to be kind and forgiving myself
Courtney E.
I'd say be kind to yourself and rest until you feel better. Working out is really for your health (as opposed to streaks goals), and your body was already working hard at getting better from your illness. When you feel better, ease into it gently. Do a 10sec plank, run for 5 min, something small that you feel up to. You'll build back up to where you were in no time!
Matt J.
First of all, it's good to take a break from working out for a week or two every six months to a year, so if life intervenes to make it happen, that can be a gift in disguise. If you're not ready for a break, but still don't have the energy or feel sturdy enough for your regular workout, try something light and short. Do pilates, yoga, or some low-impact exercises that don't exhaust you. You might consider sticking to floor exercises so you're not on your feet for your workout. You can also take your workout in smaller sessions throughout the day if you want to keep up with your usual burn. If you usually do 30 minutes of exercise, you could do 10 in the morning, 10 in the afternoon, and 10 in the evening so you have plenty of time to rest and recover in between. Hope this helps!
Pearl L.
In my experience, the best thing to do is to acknowledge that that setback wasn't your fault. If you're ill, the most important thing to do is to look after your body and give it time to recover, so taking time to rest is beneficial for your health. Having said this, if at all possible, I recommend going for at least a short walk outdoors every day, unless you are too ill to do so. Then, when you feel able to, start getting back into the habit of exercising, starting small, and gradually build back up to where you were before you became ill. I recommend a longer than usual warm-up for the first couple of sessions to prevent injury; it's especially important to stretch thoroughly after a gap in your exercise routine.
Jayden E.
The best thing to do when your ill is to rest! Sounds like you did great! Once your feeling healthy again it will be easier to workout for short sessions
Gene P.
First, fully recover. Once you're well, get back inter exercise slowly, and don't expect to be at your peak. Let your body adjust and slowly ramp up intensity until you get back to where you were. You got this 🙂
George Z.
Hmm if your body is not in the necessary condition to work out, rest as that is what you need and don't blame yourself, even professional athletes don't play/compete when they're sick.
Once you are back to normal shape, commit to do it even if you start by just stretching or walking for a while.