How difficult is it to continue the journey with fabulous for more than 2-3 months?

Owen X.
I really like the way change is presented as small steps…seems possible to make just one little change and then one more…the visuals are lovely and the little positive cheers are wonderful
Lara N.
It has not been difficult for me to follow Fabulous month after month. I am curious what is next. I like seeing my number of checkin days add up. I see progress on each goal or task. Graphics & quotes also help.
C Lio Q.
I have been at it a month and it does not seem like it. It seems like less time.
Pain seems to be my biggest motivation. The pain of remaining the same got to be more than the fear of change. Fear is all in my head anyway.
Maddison F.
Not difficult for me, I love doing it. But I love regimen & seen the fruits of my labor. If you do too, you'll like it too.
Maxence Y.
It seems not difficult for the moment as there is no external temptations due to Covid restrictions. Difficulty will occur with the come back of social life. How to get up at 6.30 on Saturday if I party until late on Friday night ?! Keeping the pace on Holliday seems also a big challenge because of alcohol and socializing night life with friends. I don't have answer now but being transparent with others about my choice seems an option. Friends should respects my choices.
Holly Y.
Fabulous is amazing , it's what I've always wanted and finally found.
Fabulous is well accessible and helps me stay consistent by reminding me to do my tasks.
Rrita T.
I love it so far. Its not difficult to use and its a life saver. I hope ill be able to commit longer than 3 months to using it
Charlotte W.
It is difficult to continue of 2 months straight, because life has ups and downs you sometimes fall off the wagon and skip a day or sometimes a week. But having a routine build as soon as you are ready to get on track really helps.
Chiara R.
I am still only 1 week through so I cannot yet answer your question, but on me it is already making wonders, I like the style of the app, the coaching and the effect the newly adopted habits have on my life already. I am confident about this app for the time being very satisfying.
Megan G.
I've found it quite hard… I had to go back and start again as I was feeling overwhelmed with the tasks. Sometimes doing the routines every single day doesn't fit in with your lifestyle, but I am determined to make it work and make it habit!